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Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone – How to Get Ofieri Gear Diagrams


Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone – How to Get Ofieri Gear Diagrams

Fancy blue armor for all.

The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone brings even more gear to the Witcher 3 for players to collect, craft, and upgrade. Lots of it can be found around the world and picked up from the remains of those foolish enough to cross you, but some of it requires a bit of extra work. One of the sets that requires some legwork is the Ofieri armor set. This lets you don the light blue, and majestically embroidered garb of the Ofieri. You know? Those people you met at the beginning of the expansion after that one thing you did? Yeah, they wore some pretty nice clothing.

To obtain the Ofieri gear you will have to craft it yourself, but to do so you need the diagrams. You will find one during your travels, but it will be in a language you don’t regcognize. To get it translated you’ll have to bring it to an Ofieri merchant. It turns out that right outside of the tent where you met the runewright is yet another Ofieri national who happens to be the merchant you are seeking. He shares that not only is he able to translate the document, but that they are his and he was attacked and robbed. You can choose to help him (which is the option you will be choosing), or to say you have no time. Helping him will get you the treasure you seek.

You will be sent to a location to the southwest to search using your Witcher sense. Locate the rundown carriage with the dead horse to get the trail for the bandits who attacked our Ofieri friend. This will lead you to an underground hideout where you’ll have to fight some knights from the Order of the Flaming Rose. It’s a small area, but luckily you aren’t dealing with as large a group as the rest of the game has been throwing at you. One shielded knight and a few lackeys with nothing more than swords are nothing for the likes of Geralt.

hearts of stone

Once you defeat these fine fellows, search the chests nearby to obtain another diagram, as well as a letter. Reading this letter will give you the location of the final Bandit hideout for this quest.

There will be several knights located in and around a rundown building for you to dispose of. Two will brandish large hammers, a few will be shielded, and the rest will switch between swords and crossbows depending on their distance from you. You’ll definitely want to go for the ranged guys first since they’ll relieve you of Quen at the most inopportune moments. Afterwards, single out each of the remaining enemies one by one until they’ve all met their doom.

One thing you should most definitely be aware of at all times is that there are huge spiders nearby that will enter the fray if startled. They will attack both Geralt and the enemy without prejudice, but you will want to help the enemy get rid of these foul creatures.

If a spider manages to entangle you in its web, the enemy will take advantage and kill you with ease. Who would have thought that CD Projekt Red would use spiders to add a new and embarrassing way to die in Hearts of Stone.

After all of the enemies are clear, search the chest that glows red in the designated search area and you’ll acquire your last diagram. Return it to the Ofieri merchant for your reward which includes diagrams for Ofieri Boots, Scale Armor, Gauntlets, and Sharovary (pants apparently).


Each of these pieces of armor requires Geralt to be Level 38 to use and greatly increase damage resistance as well as Sign Intensity. Definitely useful in Hearts of Stone and all of its challenging battles.

How do you feel strutting around in your fancy blue armor? Enjoying the new armor designs in The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone? Let us know in the comments below.

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