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This D20 Is Over 2,000 Years Old


This D20 Is Over 2,000 Years Old

The original dungeon masters.

One thing that fans love to brag about is how long their game of choice has been around. Mario has stood the test of time and been around for over three decades, Masterchief has shown that an FPS lead can stand the test of time, and Lara Croft sits back with her twin pistols chuckling at relative newcomer Nathan Drake.

But Dungeons & Dragons just received the ultimate trump card from ancient Egypt. Reddit user sortofcool shared this 2000 year old Egyptian 20 sided die.


Before we were upgrading our Geralts, or creating the perfect avatar in Black Desert Online, the pharaohs were busy being dungeon masters. Priests cast magic spells, roguish servants, mysterious tombs, and constant strength rolls with your D20 to move those heavy stones blocking the entrances to pyramids. To think that the game was being refined for over 2 millennia, now that’s how you stand the test of time.

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