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An Italian Bishop Ties Pokemon GO to Nazism, Wants to Go to Court to Ban it

Pokemon GO

An Italian Bishop Ties Pokemon GO to Nazism, Wants to Go to Court to Ban it

Someone’s tied Pokemon to Nazism… again.

Since it’s launch, Pokemon GO has been a craze that’s captured the minds of millions of would be trainers worldwide. But over in Italy, the bishop of Noto in Sicily, Antonio Stagliano, recently made news by saying that he wants to get the “diabolical” app banned and is prepared to go to court to do so.

According to Agence France-Presse, Stagliano has told multiple newspapers that the popular augmented reality game has “alienated thousands and thousands of young people,” and turns them into “walking dead.” He also claims that the game has “a totalitarian system close to Nazism,” which we can all agree is a pretty big stretch.

This isn’t the first time that someone has connected Pokemon to Nazi’s, though. Back in the 90’s, the Pokemon card Koga’s Ninja Trick had to be edited because Western gamers noticed what they thought was a swastika. In reality, it was a manji symbol from Buddhist tradition. Nintendo also edited the Registeel sprite in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl because its arm was raised in a manner similar to the Nazi salute.

Pokemon GO has had its fair share of controversy since it’s release as many players have been injured or killed while playing, such as when two would be trainers walked off a cliff.

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