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Everybody’s Fighting Everybody in Injustice 2’s Launch Trailer


Everybody’s Fighting Everybody in Injustice 2’s Launch Trailer


The epic superhero fight fest that is Injustice 2 finally arrives tomorrow, pitting DC heroes against one another yet again in a fight for the fate of all humanity. When the evil alien supercomputer/robot Brainiac comes knocking on Earth’s doorstep, everyone’s unsure if it would be wise to let Superman out to help deal with him. And instead of having a reasonable discussion about this, the various characters of the story campaign decide to best hash this out by beating the everloving crap out of each other, as the launch trailer shows us. (And they say debate is dead.)

Still, the trailer is pretty cool and does a good job of highlighting just about everything you can expect from Injustice 2: crazy action, some superhero comic-esque dialogue, and goofy one-liners. Can’t wait to take the fight to the evil robot, or against friends in online play. What more could you want from a superhero game?

Hope you enjoy Injustice 2 when you pick it up tonight!

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