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Live Action Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Slated for 2019 Release

sonic the hedgehog

Live Action Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Slated for 2019 Release

The blue blur lives on.

According to a new report from The Hollywood Reporter today, Paramount Pictures now has the rights to the Sonic the Hedgehog movie. The blue blur will be getting his very own film in 2019, which will blend live action and CGI.

Neal H. Moritz and much of the team slated for the project under Sony Entertainment’s direction will remain, with Deadpool director Tim Miller executive producing and Jeff Fowler making his feature directorial debut on the film.

Though Sonic has appeared on the big screen before, notably in Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph, this will be the first time that the hedgehog will be getting a film solely dedicated to himself. For those of you not familiar with Sega’s gaming icon, Sonic came to rise at the height of the 16-bit era in 1991 and has since sold more than 360 million copies across console generations.

Though the franchise has a diverse and wide range of cast members with potential to be included in the adaptation, Sonic games typically aren’t well-known for their story elements, favoring gameplay over most other aspects. It will be interesting to see how exactly Paramount will pull off the film and whether it will look to successful video game movies like the aforementioned Wreck-It Ralph and The Angry Birds Movie for inspiration.

Little else is known about the project, including its live action nature. Though it seems as though the film would be more suited for CGI, the team could offer something in the way of the twist found in The Lego Movie. Only time will tell, but for now fans will just have to keep their fingers crossed.

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