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Nintendo Should Make This Breath of the Wild Demake a Real Thing

zelda. breath of the wild demake

Nintendo Should Make This Breath of the Wild Demake a Real Thing

Even over a year after launch, Zelda: Breath of the Wild shows no stopping when it comes to the modding community, fan-art, and people simply being enthralled by the entire experience that the game has to offer.

Now, we’ve seen demakes of games before, The Wind Waker for one, but we have yet to see someone create a Game Boy Color iteration of Breath of the Wild, until now. Nintendo Wire has posted a fan-art video to their YouTube channel, which shows the opening minutes of the game played out in 8-bit glory, music and all. This two-minute video still managed to give me the chills as if I was watching the opening for the first time all over again and the feeling is glorious – check it out for yourself and prepare to be dazzled:

Now, did that give you the feels or what? If Nintendo managed to actually put out something like this for fans to play on the 3DS or something similar, we’re sure that people would go bananas for it! I would totally play Breath of the Wild once again in this retro format, if given the opportunity. Would you guys love to see this be a real thing? Let us know in the comments section below!

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