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Darkest Dungeon: How to Remove Affliction


Darkest Dungeon: How to Remove Affliction

Hurts so good.

How to Remove Affliction in Darkest Dungeon

Does this sound familiar? Dumont the highwayman has just stuck his foot in a trap, and now he’s gone off the deep end, rambling about how much he enjoys the pain and goading on the enemies to slice him up. Such is the joy and splendor of an affliction in Darkest Dungeon – you’d best hope Dumont doesn’t end up dead.

When a hero’s stress level hits 100 in Darkest Dungeon, they will most likely be hit with an affliction; these negative statuses will cause them to act irregularly, and can have a devastating impact on the entire party (rarely, they will gain a virtue instead, which has the opposite effect).

Unlike virtues, an affliction will not automatically disappear upon leaving the dungeon, and must be manually cured in Darkest Dungeon. To do so, the most effective way is by undergoing treatment at the abbey or tavern. This will also heavily reduce the hero’s stress level. Alternatively, you can remove an affliction by returning that hero’s stress level back down to 0 during an expedition, but this is no small feat, so it’s best not to rely on this as a sure thing – particularly when you have three other party members to tend to.

The truly virtuous know that Twinfinite is your point of call for Darkest Dungeon guides and tips, so stick with us here. Don’t be like Dumont!

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