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BELOW: Tips & Tricks For Beginners


BELOW: Tips & Tricks For Beginners

As we found out in our review, descending through Below’s dark labyrinth can seem daunting, especially while learning to survive by the world’s harsh rules. Here are five Below tips & tricks for beginners.

below beginner tips tricks

BELOW: Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Walk. Don’t Run.

The pace of BELOW will doubtless leave some aching to progress towards the next doorway. But more often than not, blindly rushing forward will result in springing hidden traps or an enemy horde. That unnecessary frustration may cause an abandoning of reason to recover your lost items.

But BELOW requires patience when charting a path forward – and sprinting ahead into the unknown will always result in a failed run.

Instead of sprinting ahead, let caution rule your actions. Spike Traps and tripwires will doubtlessly cause undue frustration until you embrace the methodical pacing of BELOW. Dying because of reckless rushing will hammer home just how imperative taking the slow approach is in BELOW.

Make sure to inch your way forward until you’ve memorized an area. Thoroughly mapping out what each location has in store will make subsequent runs much more manageable.

below beginners tips tricks

BELOW: Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Completely Explore The Depths

BELOW makes the prospect of progressing deeper much more tantalizing than completely mapping out your current level. Don’t fall for the faster option – instead, prepare yourself for future adventures. While each player’s layout generates a unique pattern, your labyrinth remains permanent for prospective runs.

Realizing that will ensure you can quickly find your way back to previously explored levels. Memorizing the map’s layout will save a significant amount of time when running back to a warrior’s corpse.

When death hides around nearly every facet of BELOW, it pays to have an advantage when starting again.

In addition to making subsequent playthroughs easier, almost every level in BELOW holds dedicated camps, treasures, and shortcuts.

Spawning anew without the benefits of potions, weapons, and armor will leave your new character at a severe disadvantage. Therefore, knowing where to find a supply of items will prove invaluable to continue past your current level. Additionally, discovering shortcuts will allow you to progress to the last point of contact quickly.

below beginners tips tricks

BELOW: Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Inventory Management And Crafting

BELOW’s survival mechanics hound your journey constantly. Some depths will hold more materials than others, while others hinder your warrior in different ways. Take note of your hunger, temperature, and thirst meters – without keeping these in check, your warrior will die within the labyrinth’s dark depths.

To survive, you’ll need to craft food and supplies whenever possible. An imperative tenant to progressing in BELOW relies on due diligence and diverse item creation. These items include torches to light dark corners, stews for frozen levels, and bandages to heal wounds.

Planning to craft these will alleviate the challenges posed by the challenging depths.

Always check your inventory to craft useful weapons and items. For example, stringing a group of three rocks will create a valuable shard for crafting caltrops or spike arrows. The same applies to many primary resources found throughout BELOW’s labyrinth.

If you hold more than three of any primary resource, dispose of it and gather another resource you’re currently lacking. Inventory diversity will help keep your options open to craft useful items down the road.

below beginners tips tricks

BELOW: Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Use The Lantern Whenever Possible

BELOW’s lantern holds the key to success in the game. Passively keeping it lit will alert you to dangerous traps, secret areas, and triggerable instances. Progressing to the end game remains impossible without the powerful tool on your warrior.

If you’ve lost your lantern after a run, prioritize preparation to recover it. Progressing further into the depths won’t hold any bearing until you’ve got the lantern on your person.

Once the lantern’s back in your possession, collect as many gem shards as you can to keep it powered. Passive usage won’t drain your shards source drastically, but it’s always smart to stockpile as many as possible.

Before progressing to the lower depths, farming the early levels for gem-dropping enemies is a must. Advancing further down the labyrinth will make these gems much more difficult to come by. To keep the lantern functioning, keep a steady supply of gem shards at all times.

below beginners tips tricks

BELOW: Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Patience And Sanity

BELOW throws tons of obstacles to keep you from progressing. As frustrating as starting at the beginning becomes, cooler heads will prevail to prevent mistakes. Collect yourself and stay patient throughout your playthroughs.

Adapt to the game’s slow pace – and don’t charge in like an action hero. Think of rooms like a chessboard – if a group of enemies remains divided by a narrow chasm, consider utilizing your ranged arsenal.

Utilize your toolset to pick off enemy groups from afar, chip away at a more dangerous foe’s health, and goad enemies to your advantage. That tactical mindset will doubtlessly lead you to more victories over your enemies.

That also means using your crafted items – bombs, arrows, and caltrops will clutter up your inventory space if you don’t use them. If you have a devastating arsenal on your warrior, use it to your advantage!

Mastering these five tips and tricks for beginners in BELOW will ensure your progression to the very end. For more guides, tips, and tricks, stay tuned to Twinfinte for your fix.

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