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Darkest Dungeon: How to Get Holy Water & What It Does

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Darkest Dungeon: How to Get Holy Water & What It Does

Here is our guide on how to get Holy Water in Darkest Dungeon and what effect it will have on characters and certain curios in the game.

How to Get Holy Water in Darkest Dungeon & What It Does

Darkest Dungeon can be a rather confusing and brutal experience but also one that is deeply rewarding. To help you in your journey, we will let you know how to get Holy Water in Darkest Dungeon, and the effect it has on your characters and certain Curios.

First off, Holy Water is a provision item that can be consumed by a character or used on a Curio. The primary way to get Holy Water is to buy it from the provision menu you see before entering a dungeon. The item will set you back 150 gold.

The other way to ensure you have Holy Water is to have a crusader in your party. You will receive one Holy Water in your inventory for every Crusader in your party.

As for its effect, consuming a Holy Water will increase resistances for the selected character. The character will receive a 33% increase in resistance to bleed, blight, disease and debuff.

Other than consuming for a resistance boost, the other main utility of Holy Water is to use it with Curios. Curios are items in the world that the player can interact with. Each Curio behaves differently and has chances of granting you items and effects, both positive and negative.

Using provision items with Curios can negate negative effects, grant you positive effects or grant you special items, however, you must pair the correct item with each Curio. Here is a list of the Curios that Holy Water works on, their location and the effect you will receive after using it:

  • Altar of Light (Ruins) – 30% Damage increase
  • Confession Booth (Ruins) – Heals 30 stress
  • Decorative Urn (Ruins) – Gain loot
  • Holy Fountain (Ruins) – Heals 20 stress, 12 HP and removes status effects
  • Eldritch Altar (Every Location) – Removes one negative quirk
  • Occult Scrawlings (Warrens) – Debuffs dodge by 20%
  • Pile of Bones (Warrens) – Gain loot
  • Pristine Fountain (Weald) – Heals 30 stress
  • Troubling Effigy (Weald) – Gain positive quirk
  • Fish Ideol (Cove) – Buffs damage by 18%
  • Bloodflowers (Courtyard) – Inflicts 15 stress damage
  • Damned Fountain (Courtyard) – Heals 30 stress

That’s all you need to know how to get Holy Water in Darkest Dungeon. For more help in the game, check out our other guides on how to reduce stress, how to heal, how and when to set up camp and how to beat the Swine Prince.

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