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Metro Exodus: All Endings Explained

metro exodus, ending

Metro Exodus: All Endings Explained

All Metro Exodus Endings Explained

Metro Exodus sees Artyom and the rest of The Order leave the tunnels of Moscow and venture out into the open world of Russia. Since the game has multiple endings, you may be wondering what the differences are. Here are all Metro Exodus endings explained.

For the most part, the story will follow the same path for both endings, seeing Miller and Artyom head into the Dead City to retrieve the antidote for Anna.

Artyom will be attacked by a huge mutant, Miller will save him and take him to the van that’s being driven by the young boy you meet in the city’s Metro.

You take control of the wheel and drive along, stopping by some train tracks. Artyom then falls asleep and wakes up the next morning, just as the Aurora is arriving.

You lean over to check that the antidote is still there and find that Miller has died in the seat next to you, from radiation exposure.

Everyone rushes out to meet you and you’re carried inside the train. This is where the two Metro Exodus endings begin to differ. we’ll now run you through both of them.

Metro Exodus, ending

Metro Exodus Bad Ending Explained

The ‘bad’ ending is the one you’re most likely to see in your playthrough of Metro Exodus, as you need to follow certain steps to get the ‘good’ one.

Katya and some of the crew start to organize giving Artyom a blood transfusion, and they work out what his blood type is. As they do so, Artyom begins to drift in and out of consciousness.

The first vision is of Artyom lying down in a Metro tunnel as a mutant bat climbs on top of him. He then returns to the Aurora crew giving him blood before briefly seeing more of the tunnel.

Then, after speaking to Anna, Artyom sees a train rushing towards him as he’s tied to the tracks in that tunnel. Then, as the Aurora crew talk about running out of blood supplies, the train hits Artyom.

This is where the Metro Exodus bad ending truly differs. Artyom wakes up in the train carriage, but it’s different and a guy called Eugene (a character from Metro 2033) opens the door. Anyone with a good memory of the previous games will know what’s happened now.

Artyom now wanders through the train that is trashed and covered in blood, ending up at the front of the train, with it being filled with skulls and looking like a shrine of sorts. Miller then walks in and it becomes clear that Artyom has died.

They talk about their lives, saying things like “we’re in for a long voyage… an eternal one.” They stop the train and Artyom gets off before pulling a postcard for a beautiful looking place from a box by the train.

Metro Exodus, ending

The scene then fades to white before returning to what looks like that place on the postcard. The camera pans out from the edge of the cliff, showing two graves.

Anna is shown mourning for Artyon, lamenting how he gave everything up for her, before we see the rest of the crew in Metro Exodus. The game ends here with Artyom and Miller clearly dead, but they’ve saved Anna and the rest of the crew.

Good Ending Explained

The good ending in Metro Exodus is certainly a happier affair, but it’s harder to get. You need to act in a certain way throughout the game, doing things like completing side missions for the Aurora’s crew and not killing human enemies when you don’t need to.

The good ending in Metro Exodus is generally very similar to the bad one, seeing Miller die waiting for the Aurora and Artyom being given a blood transfusion, but Artyom does not die. Instead, he takes over as the leader of the crew.

A few of the other characters in Metro Exodus talk to Artyom before he begins to wake up. Then, you see a vision of him and Miller talking at Lake Baikal, which is the lake from the postcard and end scene of the bad ending.

Miller tells Artyom that he was right to want to leave the Moscow metro and seek a better life, and that he was just scared to do so.

It then spins away from the conversation with Miller as Anna begs Artyom to stay with her, and Miller then tells him to look after her. Miller ends by saying that his time is at an end and asks you to lead them.

Finally, to end the Metro Exodus good ending, you see a scene similar to the one that ends the bad ending, with the camera panning away from the cliff, but this time revealing just one grave as Anna and Artyom watch on.

Essentially, in the good ending Miller dies and Artyom survives to lead The Order, and in the bad ending both of them die.

That’s it for our explanation of all Metro Exodus endings. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to check out our Metro Exodus wiki guide.

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