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Metro Exodus All Endings: How to Get the Good & Bad Ending

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Metro Exodus All Endings: How to Get the Good & Bad Ending

How to Get the Good & Bad Ending in Metro Exodus

While the overall story of Metro Exodus follows Artyom and the gang as they leave the tunnels of Moscow and venture out into the wider Russian landscape, there are choices to make that affect how the ending plays out. Here is everything you need to know about how to get the good and bad endings in Metro Exodus.

The following information will be heavily spoiling significant moments in Metro Exodus, as well as both endings, so turn back now if you’ve yet to beat the game or don’t want read about an ending you haven’t played.

The two endings differ dramatically and which one you see depends on what you do and how you act in the rest of the game. In the good ending, Miller will die after exiting the Dead City and Artyom will survive to lead the Order, but the bad ending sees both of them die. For a full rundown of the endings, you can check out our All Endings Explained Guide.

How to Get the Good Ending in Metro Exodus

As a general rule, getting the good ending requires you to be little more than a good person.

Throughout the game, you’ll come across lots of different enemies, and you will have to treat some of them differently if you want to get the good ending.

Mutants don’t matter; you can kill them as much as you’d like. Human enemies, however, can affect a morality meter of sorts. There’s not literal meter to show how ‘good’ you are being, but choking enemies out, avoiding them entirely, and leaving enemies who surrender alone will all give Arytom good karma.

Then, on top of being considerate to human enemies, you will need to complete side quests throughout the game that help NPCs who are both on the Aurora and scattered around the world.

The first that you’ll likely come across will be in the Volga level, with you being asked to go out and find a lost toy for a girl you saved in an earlier mission. If you head out and bring it back, that’ll count towards you getting the good ending.

These kinds of missions will come up throughout the game, particularly in the more open levels. How many you need to complete to get the good ending in Metro Exodus isn’t clear, and there’s no way of tracking your morality or if you’re close to getting the good ending, though.

There are a few things you simply shouldn’t do if you want to get the good ending in Metro Exodus. They are:

  • Make sure that you don’t kill the soldiers in the chapel or on the barge in the Volga level, or kill the soldiers on the bridge when you’re leaving that level.
  • Don’t kill the enemy that ambushes you from the roof early on in the Caspian level.
  • Save and do not harm slaves or wounded soldiers in the camp in that same level.
  • Avoid killing the enemies in the forest level. It’s a long level, so you might not have a choice, but try to avoid it.

Some of these also tie into events that happen as you play through Metro Exodus, three of which you are given trophies or achievements for. They are:

  • Duke survives (Volga Level)
  • Damir stays with the crew (Caspian Level)
  • Alyosha doesn’t get wounded (Taiga Level)

It is likely that these all impact whether you are going to get the good ending or not, but it’s not clear what exactly you have to do to ensure these three things happen.

If you follow all these tips, you should get the good Metro Exodus ending.

How to Get the Bad Ending

To get the bad ending, you should simply do the opposite of everything you need to do to get the good one.

If you go around killing everyone that you can, stabbing surrendering enemies, and ignoring pleas from your friends on the Aurora, you should get the bad ending.

If you notice that the three events above involving characters do not happen, you should expect to see the bad Metro Exodus ending happen.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get the good and bad endings in Metro Exodus. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to check out our Metro Exodus wiki guide.

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