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5 Juiciest E3 2019 Rumors That Will Break the Internet If They’re True


5 Juiciest E3 2019 Rumors That Will Break the Internet If They’re True

This year’s E3 ought to be a strange one – Square Enix is remaking one of the most beloved games of all time, Bethesda is coming off the heels of a lackluster Fallout game, and Sony and EA are gone from the event entirely. Microsoft has a new generation to plan for, Ubisoft has a new Ghost Recon coming to market, and Nintendo… well, really, can anyone really predict Nintendo?

Just like Nintendo, E3 is a tricky thing to forecast, but thankfully, the internet sometimes gifts us with rumors and leaks to help sort things out a little. This year in particular, we have a lot of information spilling out of the old rumor mill, from new Xbox models to ambitious Switch ports to a new fantasy-esque FromSoftware game.

Here are five of the biggest E3 rumors heading into this year’s expo. As always take these with a grain of salt. We cannot confirm any of these, they are in fact, just rumors. Here we go…

Microsoft Will Reveal Two Next-Gen Xbox Models to Release with Halo Infinite

E3 2019 rumors

Rumors have been circulating about the next generation lineup of Xbox hardware for some time. Last year, there was the initial rumbling of a dual-console release called Xbox Scarlett, split between the more powerful Anaconda and the less powerful Lockhart.

Reportedly, these two consoles are to be linked by a common streaming service called Xbox Scarlett Cloud, similar to cloud-based streaming platforms like Nvidia Shield and the upcoming Google Stadia.

Then, this February, French site Jeuxvideo reported that these two consoles will be unveiled during E3, and will release alongside Halo Infinite, announced in 2018. This report was further backed up by Thurrott, adding that we should not expect pricing details at E3.

Considering that the PlayStation 5 is imminent, and the Xbox One is a nearly 6-year-old generation of consoles, it wouldn’t be too surprising if Microsoft blew the lid on their next generation. What remains to be seen is if Xbox Scarlett comes to fruition at E3 2019.

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