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Outer Worlds: How to Get All Unique Armor

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Outer Worlds: How to Get All Unique Armor

There are plenty of low pressure helmets and body armor lying around in the Outer Worlds. If you want some truly special that outshines all standard gear, then you’ll want to find out how to get all unique armor in Outer Worlds.

There’s only a handful of unique pieces out there and some are just sitting out in the open. Yet, that doesn’t mean they’re easy to obtain.

How to Get All Unique Armor in Outer Worlds

Head Armor

  • Reed’s Hat (Dialog +7)
    • This is probably one of the first pieces of unique armor you’ll see in the game. Reed Tobson wears this and you can just kill him to obtain it.
    • The slightly less scummy way of nabbing the hat is by pickpocketing him to get Reed’s key. This lets you into a room containing tons of loot and Reed’s trademark hat.
  • Welder’s Goggles (Perception -1, Engineering +15)
    • You will receive these goggles as a gift for completing the quest ‘Happiness is a Warm Spaceship’.
  • Defective MoonMan Helmet (Temperament +1)
    • This fun but mostly useless helmet can be found in The Groundbreaker.
    • There should be a door that requires 20 lock skill to open near the Spacer’s Choice store in The Promenade. Open that up and you’ll be able to get this helmet.
  • A Nice Hat (Persuade +7, Leadership +5)
    • This fancy tophat can be found in Monarch Wilderness. If you head southwest from Stellar Bay, then you’ll find an abandoned observatory.
    • The cranium of one of the unfortunate souls that perished in there will still be clinging to this hat until you pick it to use as your own.
  • Iconoclast Apostle (Melee Damage +5%)
    • This helmet can be obtained during the ‘Sucker Bait‘ quest on Monarch. The gear will be sitting in a container that’s inside of the Abandoned Relay Station.
  • Certified Explorer’s Hat (Perception +1)
    • This hat is certainly a fashion statement, but it’s not a good one. You’ll receive it as a reward for completing the quest ‘All Halcyon in a Day’.
  • Hemlock’s Eyepatch (Sneak Attack Damage +10%)
    • This item can be found in the same building as the Iconoclast Apostle (Abandoned Relay Station on Monarch). The eyepatch will be on a dead SubLight Thug in that building.
  • Sublight Contractor Helm (Damage to Creatures +25%)
    • You can become a creature slayer with this powerful helmet. This item is given to you as a reward under certain conditions when you complete the quest ‘Slaughterhouse Clive’.
    • You must kill Clive or persuade Catherine to work with him in order to receive this helm at the end of the quest.
  • Purpleberry Police Helmet (Cost of Bribes -10%)
    • This is a good item for frugal players. It’s also pretty easy to find the location. This helmet is inside the custom building that’s nearby the Cascadia Landing Pad.
  • MSI Elite Helmet (Ranged Weapon Spread -10%)
    • Outer Worlds snipers are gonna want to grab this helmet. You can get this item as a reward for completing the quest ‘BOLT with His Name’. The quest is given to you by Sanjar in Roseway.
  • Researcher’s Mask (Bleed Effect Duration +30%)
    • Use this mask to make your opponents bleed out. This item can be found on the HRS-1084 Satellite. Just head to the back of the satellite and pick a locked door to get access to this mask.
  • SugarOps Helmet (Plasma Damage +5%, N-ray Damage +5%)
    • This helmet can be found in the building in Cascadia that has the Rizzo sign inside it. You’ll have to pop open a safe in there to get this helmet.
    • Even though it’s a small number, any percentage boost for N-ray damage is huge.

Body Armor – All Unique Armor in Outer Worlds

  • Chimaera (Dialog +10)
    • This will be good for you big talkers. Once you complete the quest ‘Makes Space Suits, Won’t Travel’ you’ll be given this piece of armor as a reward.
  • MSI Elite Armor (Ranged +5)
    • Combine this with the MSI Elite Helmet for maximum sniping power. This item can be obtained by completing the quest ‘Errors Unseen’.
  • SugarOps Armor (Defense +5)
    • This item can be found on an enemy in Cascadia. You have to take the elevator to the lower level of the Bridge Safehouse to find the enemy who is wearing this armor.
  • Iconoclast Apostle Armor (Melee +5)
    • Pair this with the helmet for a match made in melee heaven. Just like the helm, this armor is located in a container in the Relay Station you visit during the ‘Sucker Bait‘ quest.
  • Safecracker’s Jacket (Lockpick +10)
    • This is good for a little boost to your lockpick skill. Go to Harlow’s Base on Scylla with Felix in your party. You’ll be able to find the jacket in a container there.
  • Raptidon Handler’s Armor (Dialog +5)
    • This is kind of like the mini version of the Chimaera with half the dialog boost. This item can be found in a locker in the Roseway Luxury Apartment on Terra 2.
  • Sublight VP Armor (Intimidate +10)
    • This item can be obtained during the quest ‘The Chimerists Last Experiment’. If you kill Dr. Eva Chatrand, then Lilya Hagen will give you this piece of armor that will make you more imposing.

That’s all there is to know about how you can collect every piece of unique armor in Outer Worlds. If you need to learn anything else about this game, then just check out our Outer Worlds Guides Wiki. We’ve also listed some other helpful guides down below.

Source: The Outer Worlds Wiki

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