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Outer Worlds: How to Make Peace With MSI and Iconoclasts

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Outer Worlds: How to Make Peace With MSI and Iconoclasts

The Outer Worlds is a game entirely about player choice, letting you play however you want to on top of making plenty of world-altering decisions. One of the game’s major conflicts revolves around the planet Monarch, and two opposing factions there. Here’s how to make peace with MSI and Iconoclasts in Outer Worlds.

How to Make Peace With MSI and Iconoclasts in Outer Worlds

Monarch is governed by two major powers, the MSI in Stellar Bay and the Iconoclasts, people who split off and started their own settlement in Fallbrook.

The main quest makes you interact with both of these groups, and after you’ve finished the main path on Monarch you’ll get a major side quest called Canid’s Cradle, tasking you with choosing a side in the conflict.

Before you complete the quest and give the module to somebody, there are a couple things you need to do. We’ll walk you through them.

  • First, talk to Zora in the clinic of Fallbrook, and undertake the quest Sucker Bait. This quest will be prompted after you deal with the Iconoclasts the first time and clear up their radio signals. Investigate the outpost and you’ll find damning evidence on Graham.
  • Now see Canid’s Cradle through and get the module. Go to Stellar Bay and talk to Sanjar first, but open up the option of making peace with the Iconoclasts, and tell him about Zora.
  • Sanjar will task you with finding Zora’s performance review, so head to Cascadia and follow the marker to find it. Take it back to Sanjar and he’ll be willing to talk.
  • Now head to Fallbrook and agree to confront Graham with Zora. In order to make peace Zora has to be the one in charge of the Iconoclasts, so unfortunately Graham needs to bite it.
  • Once Zora’s in charge ask her to talk to Sanjar and then follow the new marker to the peace talk.
  • Now you’ll need to negotiate the deal, just make sure to choose the dialogue options that compromise for both sides, and they’ll come to an agreement eventually.

Once you’ve made peace, you’ll get a trophy/achievement to pop, and the decision will play into your ending as well as the final mission.

Of course, if you’d rather be a bad guy and choose a side you can do so, you’ll just have to mercilessly slaughter the other side.

Time needed: 2 hours.

To briefly sum up how to make peace with MSI and Iconoclasts in Outer Worlds.

  1. Complete the Sucker Bait quest for Zora in Fallbrook.

  2. Get the module in the Canid’s Cradle quest and take it to Sanjar in Stellar Bay. In dialogue talk about making peace.

  3. Get Zora’s review from Cascadia and take it to Sanjar.

  4. Confront Graham and make Zora leader of the Iconoclasts.

  5. Prompt peace talks by talking to Zora then negotiate choosing compromising dialogue options.

Hopefully, that helps clear up how to make peace with MSI and Iconoclasts in Outer Worlds.

If you need any other help, make sure to check out our Outer Worlds guide wiki. Here are a few other guides you might want.

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