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Outer Worlds: How to Get Reed’s Key

Outer Worlds, How to Get Reed's Key

Outer Worlds: How to Get Reed’s Key

The Outer Worlds has a plethora of hidden loot caches and treasures to uncover, though some of them require some specific choices to be made in order to find them. That’s why we’re here to walk you through how to get Reed’s Key in Outer Worlds.

Early on in the game, you’ll meet Reed Tolbam, the leader and overseer of the town of Edgewater. He’ll ask you to resolve the matter of redirecting power from a nearby power plant towards the city, and to help him convince a faction of civilians to return home for work.

How to Get Reed’s Key in The Outer Worlds

What isn’t readily made apparent, however, is that Reed has a key on his person that opens up his private quarters, only accessible so long as the town has power and you can access the elevator leading up to his office.

Inside are some valuables, a powerful shotgun and a terminal with lore related to the world and its story, all of which can be very valuable to you and the right people.

As such, you’ll want to grab his key, though there’s only one way to get it: You’ll need to kill Reed and loot it off of his corpse.

What Happens When You Kill Reed

While this is an easy enough task to carry out, killing Reed can have lasting repercussions on your playthrough of The Outer Worlds.

In addition to garnering the hostility of his guards, killing Reed will get you an immediate negative standing with the Spacer’s Choice faction.

Not only that, but your companion Partavi will threaten to leave your party, only willing to stay if your Determination stat is high enough to convince her to do otherwise.

Admittedly, the residents of Edgewater and the Spacer’s Choice faction will cool down after some time away from the settlement, though there will always be a lasting negative impact on your reputation regardless.

Can You Steal Reed’s Key in The Outer Worlds? Answered

Of course, given The Outer Worlds’ open-ended gameplay design, you may be wondering if you could try to pickpocket Reed’s key off of him to resolve matters more peacefully.

Unfortunately, this method is still not confirmed as a viable option. While some players have reported that it can work, just as many have said they couldn’t find Reed’s Key when they successfully picked his pockets.

This could be a glitch that Obsidian Entertainment plans on addressing at a later date, and if that is the case, we’ll update this guide appropriately. As it stands right now though, killing Reed is the only reliable way to get the key, and should be your immediate method of choice.

How do you get Reed’s Key in Outer Worlds?

You have to kill him and loot his body. There will be repercussions though.

That should cover everything on how to get Reed’s Key in The Outer Worlds. For more on the game, check out our guide wiki as well as guides on hot topics like tips and tricks for Supernova mode and how to get to Roseway.

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