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5 Games that Would Help Google Stadia Be Less Pointless


5 Games that Would Help Google Stadia Be Less Pointless

I’m one of the main people covering Destiny 2 for Twinfinite these days and I’m on the road a lot. So I figured I’d roll the dice and see if having a Google Stadia around with me would be helpful so I don’t have to lug my PS4 or PC anytime I want to play Destiny 2.

Cross-save is a thing now for Destiny 2, so I don’t have to worry about losing progress. Google Stadia just has to work and I’d be satisfied with my purchase.

My results have been mixed. Sometimes it works like a charm, other times it feels like using remote play on a PS Vita (read: fine/OK, and often enough too it barely works at all and is borderline unplayable. It really depended on the internet.

This isn’t a Google Stadia review, but still, why anyone would elect to put up with this in order to play old games like Tomb Raider or Final Fantasy XV is beyond me. There’s a zero percent chance in its current state that I would ever buy or play a single-player, story-driven game on Google Stadia.

All that said, I do see the value in having access to my favorite “live” or multiplayer games with me pretty much anytime I have a decent internet connection and a compatible device (which is basically all of the time), especially since cross-save is becoming a lot more common in these types of games.

So rather than trying to lure players away from the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Google Stadia should be selling itself as a valuable companion device that can also do some of the stuff that your other consoles can do.

Here are five games that already support cross save/progression in some form that Google should try and get on the Stadia ASAP.

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