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Cyberpunk 2077 Receives Hotfix on Xbox and PlayStation; PC To Follow Shortly

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Cyberpunk 2077 Receives Hotfix on Xbox and PlayStation; PC To Follow Shortly

It has been a wild week, to say the least, for Cyberpunk 2077 and its developer CD Projekt Red. Reports of egregious performance issues on base PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles warranted an apology from CD Projekt Red, which in turn resulted in a wave of refund requests and Sony even delisting the game from PSN. Well, the team at CD Projekt is hard at work on fixes for the game, and have just released Hotfix 1.05 on PlayStation and Xbox. PC versions of the game will follow shortly after.

This latest fix resolves a variety of visual, performance and quest breaking bugs that have been cropping up since launch. You can find the full list of fixes here, but here is a taste of what the hotfix entails.


Jackie will no longer disappear in The Pickup or The Heist.

Fixed an issue preventing players from landing the helicopter in Love like Fire.

Fixed an issue with Takemura not calling in Play it Safe.

It’s no longer possible to trigger the same dialogue twice in Big in Japan.

Fixed an issue with Delamain appearing upside down at the end of Don’t Lose Your Mind.

Saul now correctly reaches the van in Riders on the Storm.


Improved the reaction times of NPCs taking cover.

Corrected the number of shots needed to kill civilians from a distance while in combat.


Improved image sharpness with Chromatic Aberration and Film Grain on.

Settings should no longer reset to default after several game session restarts.

Fixed visual issues occurring during the transition between The Heist and Love Like Fire.

Corrected the look of several vehicles.

Larger updates for the game are expected throughout the beginning of next year. One large update coming in Jan. and another in Feb.

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