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Every Confirmed Nintendo Switch Exclusive Releasing in 2021

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Every Confirmed Nintendo Switch Exclusive Releasing in 2021

As we look over the horizon of 2021, Switch owners and Nintendo fans look to this new promising year and wonder what is in store for them when it comes to big exclusive games. While there is no confirmation on games like Breath of the Wild 2 or Metroid Prime 4, there are some games we do know about.

Even within the first few days of this month, we have gotten announcements of release dates for games we knew about. While the pandemic may have affected the video game industry quite a bit, it still looks like gamers will get their fair share yet again this year.

Here’s a list of all the games coming exclusively to the Nintendo Switch in 2021. Let’s get to it. Note that, of course, these dates are subject to change. They are just confirmed as of time of the this writing, for 2021.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury

Nintendo Switch Exclusives 2021

Super mario 3d world + bowser's fury install size Nintendo

Nintendo is ending the celebration of Mario’s 35 anniversary with a bang in the form of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury. This is a port of the Wii U title with some added content ala Bowser’s Fury, a whole new side world within the original game.

The main game’s story takes place when Bowser ends up capturing pixie like creatures called the Sprixie Princesses. Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad follow Bowser and have to journey through multiple worlds. Mario games aren’t really known for their in depth stories.

For the added Bowser’s Fury content, the game’s official website had this to say:

In Bowser’s Fury, Mario arrives on Lake Lapcat and is confronted with a rampaging Bowser! Join forces with Bowser Jr. and venture through an interconnected world made of cat-themed…well, everything. Enemies, flowers, and even birds take on a feline form.

Some of the newly added features are the new snapshot mode that lets you take pictures in-game and add filters and stickers to your surroundings. Plus the game runs fifty percent faster, meaning characters move a lot quicker and gameplay might be a bit more hectic.

You can play Super Mario 3D World with up to four friends and try to help each other out, or battle it out for the high score in each level. It releases on Feb. 12.

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