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Are You a Paragon or Renegade? Take this Mass Effect Quiz to Find Out

mass effect

Are You a Paragon or Renegade? Take this Mass Effect Quiz to Find Out

Mass Effect Legendary Edition has just been released on PC and consoles, giving newcomers and series fans alike the chance to experience the epic sci-fi saga in 4K resolution and a higher framerate. As you probably already know, the games allow you to make various important decisions throughout the course of the campaign, and they can affect your Paragon and Renegade meters.

The former is generally seen as the more honorable way to play, while the latter is regarded as more ruthless and self-serving. Both paths are entirely viable in the Mass Effect trilogy, but if you’re not quite sure which side you land on, we have a quiz to help you figure that out.

Without further ado, take the quiz below to find out if you’re a Paragon or Renegade in Mass Effect.

Image Credit: BioWare/EA

Are You a Paragon or Renegade? Take this Mass Effect Quiz to Find Out

A reporter's really pushing your buttons and trying to get you to incriminate yourself or your friends. How do you react to the situation?
Which of these best describes your play style?
Your back's against the wall. Which of these do you reach for first?
You have become privy to classified information that will destroy a fragile peace between two factions. What do you do?
Does your allegiance lie with the Council or the human race?
You and your team have the opportunity to take out a deadly monster that could potentially wipe out an entire race, but you might not make it out alive. What do you do?
You have the option of either convincing a foe to work with you against a deadlier enemy, or kill them immediately to eliminate the threat they pose. What do you do?
What kind of party would you prefer to throw for your squadmates?

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