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5 Video Game Side Characters That Deserve Their Own Game

The Legend of Zelda

5 Video Game Side Characters That Deserve Their Own Game

Some video game heroes have become household names as the years have gone on. Ask your grandma who Mario or Sonic The Hedgehog is and she might even know. But it’s not always about the main characters in games. Sometimes it’s hard not to fall in love with video game side characters who manage to shine through past the protagonist.

Whether it’s due to being loveable, having great character development, or having some cool one-liners, the characters on this list all deserve some time of their own to shine. These are the five side characters that should get their own game.

Waluigi – Super Mario Series

Video Game Side Characters

The underdog story of Waluigi is a tale as old as time. When Waluigi made his first appearance in Mario Tennis, he was nothing but a partner for Wario and has pretty much remained as such till this day. He’s only ever appeared in spinoff games like Mario Kart, Mario Party, or the various Mario sports titles. Fans are still begging for him to be put into Super Smash Bros.

Despite Nintendo’s lack of care when putting him in mainline games or giving him his title, he does appear in a lot of the marketing for the games he is in, so Nintendo knows he’s popular. Just because he’s a big meme and his characters are known for being background noise, doesn’t mean he couldn’t get his own game. If anything, the memes and people getting hype about him getting his own game might help with sales.

After more than twenty years, Waluigi deserves his own game. Even if it were a game alongside Wario, in the same vein as the Mario & Luigi games, which would be great too. Waluigi needs to step out of the shadows because he has certainly stepped into our hearts.

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