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This Witcher 3 8K Graphics Mod Is an Eye-Popping Visual Improvement

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This Witcher 3 8K Graphics Mod Is an Eye-Popping Visual Improvement

The Witcher 3 is heralded by many as one of the great games of the last generation, boasting amazing storytelling, characters, and missions that still hold up over six years later. More than anything, though, the game boasts an amazing setting that is elevated by equally brilliant world-building.

Whether it is the lowly streets of Velen, the war-happy isle of Skellige, or the nobility of Toussaint, there is something different to appreciate about every single area in Witcher 3. Realistic fights and magic only serve to improve the atmosphere of the game, with each of Geralt’s fights looking majestic as a result.

The best part is that now PC players can enjoy the beauty of Witcher 3 even more thanks to a recent mod that was created by Digital Dreams. You can see the effects of the modder’s realistic reshade and visual modification project in the video below.

In the video, you can see how realistic the update makes the Witcher 3 look, and that it works well regardless of whether Geralt is walking or is in combat. Anyone interested in downloading the mod and shaders for themselves can head to this Nexus Mods link. The creator did note that this works with Vanilla and lighting mods like WLM, Phoenix, and STLM.

There are also plenty more PC mods that Digital Dreams created, which you can check out on their YouTube channel. While you’re here, be sure to check out all of the other Witcher 3 features, guides, and news in the related articles section down below.

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