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Pokemon Fan Animation Teaches the Old Man in Celadon City Not to Peep


Pokemon Fan Animation Teaches the Old Man in Celadon City Not to Peep

If you grew up playing the Pokemon games, there’s likely a lot of adult jokes and situations in the series that may have gone over your head. One such situation occurs all the way back in the original black and white versions of the franchise with Pokemon Yellow.

When you make it to Celadon City, talking to the old man right outside of the town’s gym greets you with a dialogue of “this gym is great, it’s full of hot women!” While it may not be the most offensive thing that’s ever appeared in the series, it’s something that some have taken umbrage with over the years, including Redditor MattOnyx.

As you can see in the post above, MattOnyx created an animation straight out of an Eldrich horror novel, as the Celadon City perv gets punished by Erika in the most terrifying way possible. Shifting from 2D to 3D the image shows a massive Victreebel popping up from underneath the Gym, grabbing the old man with one of its tentacles, and then swallowing him whole.

It’s a pretty amazing animation that is so unexpected that you’ll surely be laughing due to how off guard it takes you. If you want to check out some more amazing 3D Pokemon content like this from MattOnyx, be sure to check out their Reddit profile.

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