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Saints Row Customization Trailer Shows off Prosthetic Limbs, Crazy Cars, & Much More

Saints Row crazy car

Saints Row Customization Trailer Shows off Prosthetic Limbs, Crazy Cars, & Much More

Today, Volition revealed a brand new customization trailer for their upcoming Saints Row reboot. The video shows off everything fans can expect in terms of customizing things in the game, including numerous options for altering cars, guns, and character appearance.

You can check out the full Saints Row customization trailer in full right down below.

As you can see, Saints Row will still be as wacky as ever, featuring a lot of the same chaos and weirdness the series has been known for. Some of the most notable differences in the trailer are that players will have a lot more choices regarding things they can add to their character, cars, and guns.

Character customization lets you add items like elf ears and grills, even going as far as to let your character’s skin color be something as crazy as monochrome. The brand new asymmetrical design option will also result in a lot of crazy creations, as players can make two different characters on the left and right sides of one body if they want.

Saints Row also boasts over 80 cars, all of which are fully customizable, letting you add stuff like paint jobs, kits to make it look like your vehicle is a shark, and upgrade options like ejector seats. Weapons are also fully customizable, featuring adjustable material, individual part color, textures, decals, and even visual mods that can turn your RPG into a suitcase gun.

Last but not least, the Headquarters returns to Saints Row, once again letting the Saints customize its look as they choose. Add in crazy decor like a tree with a bird-like engine that shoots flamethrowers right in the middle of your foyer and loads of other options by unlocking them in the game’s story missions.

For more information on the customization options coming to Saints Row, be sure to check out our official preview. And be sure to check back for more updates in the meantime until the game releases for Xbox Series X|S, PS5, Xbox One, and PS4 on Aug. 23, 2022.

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