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Saints Row Sets Date For Ultimate Customization Showcase

Saints Row Sets April 20 Date For Ultimate Customization Showcase

Saints Row Sets Date For Ultimate Customization Showcase

It has been some time since we last heard anything about the reboot of Saints Row, but that is all set to change in the coming days. Volition and Deep Silver will be showing off the customization aspects of the game this coming April 20 at the Ultimate Customization Showcase, but that is not all.

Alongside this showcase will be a brand new trailer for the game, interviews with the developers, and more info about Saints Row will be shared.

Here is what fans can expect when the showcase arrives:

Within the showcase itself, longtime fans and newcomers alike will be delighted to see a brand new trailer fully focused on customization across all aspects of player choice in the game, that will get gamers excited about all the incredible ways you can Be Your Own Boss in Saints Row – it will truly show off the breadth and depth of the customization features Volition have packed into the title.

Set in the fictional vibrant city of Santo Ileso, Saints Row is complete reboot of the series and combines all the action, crime and humor you’d expect from a Saints Row game. The extensive customization suite is Volition’s most powerful toolset to date and is best in class; you can modify almost anything in outlandish or aspirational fashion. How your Boss looks as you take over the city’s criminal underbelly is entirely up to you.

Volition has removed the boundaries of gender and restrictions for players – put anything on without limits and rules. Plus, there’s an incredible amount of vehicle options and weapon customization tools. Ultimately, in Saints Row, Player Choice comes first.

The Saints Row Ultimate Customization Showcase will be broadcasted on both YouTube and Twitch at 3 PM EST/12 PM PST on April 20.

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