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Netflix’s Resident Evil Teaser Shows Off the Joys of the T-Virus

Netflix's Resident Evil Logo

Netflix’s Resident Evil Teaser Shows Off the Joys of the T-Virus

Just a day after releasing its first official teaser, Netflix is giving fans of the Resident Evil franchise another joyful video, and this time, it is all about the T-Virus. The trailer goes into detail about the origins of the virus, which was created as a miracle drug that seeked to bring joy to patients with depression.

Unfortunately, things go much worse than the simple anger issues that might show up on the label, as a slew of zombies and other monsters are created. You can see more about this for yourself in the trailer and description below.

“Year 2036 – 14 years after a deadly virus caused a global apocalypse, Jade Wesker fights for survival in a world overrun by the blood-thirsty infected and insane creatures. In this absolute carnage, Jade is haunted by her past in New Raccoon City, by her father’s chilling connections to the Umbrella Corporation but mostly by what happened to her sister, Billie.”

Netflix’s Resident Evil will be eight-episode, starring Lance Reddick as Albert Wesker, Ella Balinska, Tamara Smart, Siena Agudong, Adeline Rudolph, and Paola Nuñez. You can see a snapshot of the cast here.

Netflix’s Resident Evil is also being produced by the same company behind the Resident Evil films starring Milla Jovovich, Constantin Film. The show will arrive on Netflix on July 14, 2022.

Featured Image Source: Netflix

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