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Volition Reveals Why They Decided to Reboot Saints Row

Saints Row

Volition Reveals Why They Decided to Reboot Saints Row

When Saints Row was announced back in September 2019, many were surprised that the franchise would be getting rebooted. While it may have had its critics, with some stating things had gotten a bit too goofy and unrealistic, every installment in the franchise had been well received.

So why did Volition decide to completely reboot the franchise with Saints Row? During a preview event for the game’s story, Volition Creative Director Brian Traficante shed some light on why they decided to reboot the franchise, and the challenges that presented.

We were very happy with the story we told in the previews games. We’ve closed that chapter and accomplished the things we wanted to do.

Approaching the new Saints Row game with all the things the previous games have done and what it has meant to people has really been a challenge. To make sure it is more than just a spiritual successor, to make sure it is a Saints Row game tried and true, that is the goal.

We want the experiences to feel at home. All the things you’ve come to know and love about Saints Row will be in the reboot.

Traficante continued to elaborate on how the reboot will maintain the same DNA as the previous games, later stating that the game falls between Saints Row 2 and 3 in regards to how its humor and seriousness are balanced.

For more on the upcoming reboot, you can check out the game’s recent preview events. That includes one that details all of the customization aspects that players can look forward to and an official breakdown of how the game’s story and world will feel.

You can also take a look at all of the other news, features, and quizzes we’ve got that are related to the franchise right down below.

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