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A Biologist Made These Horrifyingly Detailed Pokemon Anatomical Illustrations

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A Biologist Made These Horrifyingly Detailed Pokemon Anatomical Illustrations

Want to see what Pokemon look like from the inside? Then check out this crazy Anatomical breakdown that a biologist has just done.

Ever wondered what the insides of a Pokemon looked like? Well, if so then, first off, that is very odd, and secondly, you’ll be very interested to see the horrifying, yet amazingly detailed, Pokemon Anatomical illustrations that one biologist has made for a handful of the characters.

Originally posted to the Pokemon subreddit by user TheChristopherStoll, the post below shows detailed breakdowns of what Cindaquil, Octillery, Donphan, and Bellosom look like inside. You can check out the PokeNatomy post and images for yourself below.

While somewhat terrifying, the images are pretty cool, as they break down everything from simple organ locations to more in-depth ideas, like how Cyndaquil would have a harden sphincter to compensate for the flames that shoot out of its back. For more PokeNatomy, be sure to check out the rest of TheChristopherStoll’s profile, as there are lots of other fascinating biology and Pokemon-related posts there.

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Featured Image Source: Reddit

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