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How Long Is Each Chapter in Live A Live? Answered

Live a Live Remake

How Long Is Each Chapter in Live A Live? Answered

If you’re not sure how long it takes to beat each of the nine chapters in Live A Live, here’s exactly what you should expect.

Live A Live is a remake of the Japanese-exclusive Super Famicom JRPG, and each of the game’s scenarios are split into different chapters. Seven of these chapters are available from the start, and two of them are unlocked after the ones before they are completed. You might be wondering how long each chapter takes to finish and if some are shorter than others. Here is the answer to how long each chapter in Live A Live is.

How Long Is Each Chapter in Live A Live? Answered

The initial seven chapters that are available from the start take roughly 2-3 hours on average to finish, though that may vary a bit depending on skill and how much exploring you do.

The shortest chapters of those initial seven are the Wild West and Present scenarios. Assuming you are successful on your first try with them, they may take you only an hour or two to complete.

The longest chapters of the initial seven are the Twilight of Edo Japan and Distant Future scenarios. These chapters have the most exploring to do, and it can take a little while to figure out where you’re supposed to go to progress. They may take you up to three or four hours to complete.

After finishing each of the initial seven chapters, an eighth scenario is unlocked. This one is roughly the same length as the others but may take a while longer as there is more story-heavy elements than the rest.

Once all eight scenarios are finished, the final chapter unlocks, and this one is the lengthiest. It can take anywhere from five to seven hours depending on if you decide to complete some optional parts or head straight to the end goal.

Ultimately, it will take roughly 20-25 hours on average for most players to complete the entire game.

Hopefully, that answers the question of how long each chapter in Live A Live is. Be sure to check back with Twinfinite for more tips and gameplay guides on all of the latest big releases.

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