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Marvel Snap’s Nexus Event Goes Live; Pool 1 Decks Get a Massive Nerf

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Marvel Snap’s Nexus Event Goes Live; Pool 1 Decks Get a Massive Nerf

Pool 1 just got snapped.

A new patch has just dropped for Marvel Snap, the new digital card game from Second Dinner. The patch introduces the new Nexus Event, which gives players the chance to spend Gold to get all sorts of rewards including the Jane Foster and Destroyer cards, variants, and avatars. We’re also getting a few balancing changes which will likely hurt newer players and those still working on collecting Pool 1 cards.

First off, the Nexus Event isn’t exactly an event in the traditional sense. That is, there are no new game modes to look forward to. Instead, it’s simply a chance for players to spend Gold (which can be obtained slowly in-game, or purchased with real money) to open lootboxes for a chance to get some big rewards. It functions similarly to a typical mobile gacha system, where you can open a box for 180 Gold, or 10 boxes for 1,800 Gold.

What you get is completely left up to RNG, though there is a pity system of sorts where you’ll get a guaranteed Rare reward with every 10 opens.

More importantly, however, this patch also nerfs several cards from the Pool 1 collection. Here are the notable changes:

  • America Chavez – [6/10] -> [6/9]
    Developer Comment: America Chavez sees a very high amount of play in various deck archetypes right now. We are nerfing her Power down to make other options more enticing.
  • Ka-Zar – [4/5] -> [4/4]
    Developer Comment: Ka-Zar tends to give a bit too much Power right now, so we are taking his base Power down a notch.
  • Scarlet Witch – [1/2] -> [2/3]
    Developer Comment: Scarlet Witch is a bit too good at working around location selections right now. We are making her Power a bit more costly to preserve the stability of our locations from her reality warping.
  • Strong Guy – [2/3] -> [4/4]
    Developer Comment: Strong Guy was a very clear outlier in his power as a 2-Cost card. We also want him to be more of a build-around card to provide an “empty hand” avenue in the discard archetype, so we are increasing his Cost and giving him a small Power boost to compensate.

Crucially, the KaZoo meta has been nerfed pretty heavily, with Kazar being less powerful, and Strong Guy’s cost getting nerfed into the ground. America Chavez also becomes a lot less usable with her 9 Power, and considering that 6-cost cards have already proven to be extremely inefficient for the most part, we’ll likely see her a lot less in matches now.

The biggest issue with Marvel Snap‘s latest patch is that folks who have just gotten into the beta or are just starting out in the game will likely have a hard time trying to climb up the rankings. It’s no secret that the Pool 3 cards have proven to be a lot more dynamic and useful than the starter Pool 1 cards, and nerfing the latter will only make the game more newcomer-unfriendly.

Marvel Snap is now available in closed beta on mobile devices.

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