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MultiVersus Season 1 Gets Official Release Date

MultiVersus Artwork
Image Source: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

MultiVersus Season 1 Gets Official Release Date

Season 1 of MultiVersus Gets an Official Release Date

The brawler starring everyone’s favorite Warner Bros. characters, MultiVersus, has now gotten an official release date for its first season.

The MultiVersus Twitter account has announced that Season 1 will begin on Aug. 15, with the game releasing the season’s official Battle Pass.

The official tweet for the announcement can be viewed below.

It’s worth noting that Season 1 of MultiVerus was previously announced as being delayed. However, the delay has been really short as the pre-season was originally set to end on Aug. 8, meaning that fans had to wait only an additional week.

The game’s official first season is set to debut Morty from Rick and Morty on Aug. 23, just over a week after the season launches. Season 1 of MultiVersus is also looking to introduce new rewards for players to earn with the in-game battle pass along with other forms of currency, such as Gleamium.

The official MultiVersus Twitter account has also announced that new modes and content won’t all be coming at launch and that, as Morty’s release date indicates, they will be spread out over the course of the season.

All this being said, it’s exciting to know that the delay for MultiVersus wasn’t long at all and that players will be able to get their hands on the Battle Pass come next week, with a new fighter coming not too long after. If you’re curious about how much the Battle Pass will cost you and how many tiers it will be, you can find that here.

Twinfinite is host to numerous guides on MultiVersus, such as what toast does and how to play the online multiplayer. Even if those don’t interest you, there is plenty of other MultiVersus coverage across the site, some of which can be checked out down below.

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