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Report: Suspected GTA VI Hacker Arrested by London Police

GTA VI Hacker Arrested

Report: Suspected GTA VI Hacker Arrested by London Police

A teen who allegedly hacked Rockstar’s network and leaked GTA VI’s data is reportedly behind bars.

The criminal career of the hacker who initiated a leak of plenty of Grand Theft Auto VI footage following an intrusion within Rockstar’s network may have just been brought to a sudden halt.

According to a tweet by the City of London Police, a 17-year-old has been arrested in Oxfordshire (a county west of London itself) on suspicion of hacking as part of an investigation by the UK’s National Cyber Crime Unit.

The official announcement doesn’t confirm the link with the GTA VI leak, but a report from Reuters’ Matthew Keys seems to indicate that the teen is indeed behind the cyber heist or at least involved in it.

At the moment, there is no official source for this, besides an unnamed “source with knowledge of the matter,” so it’s worth reminding that this should be taken with the customary grain of salt until we hear from the authorities.

During the weekend, numerous clips and screenshots reportedly from development builds of Grand Theft Auto VI were leaked, showing unfinished parts of the game and a potential female protagonist, sparking discussion among the fans.

On Monday, Rockstar confirmed the leak, expressing disappointment about the fact that details about the game were made public in such a way, while further reports indicated that the FBI was on the case.

According to Keys’ source, a statement from the FBI may be forthcoming later today, We will keep you updated if it does.

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