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Valorant ‘Give Back’ Bundle Includes Fan-Favorite Vandal & Operator Skins

Valorant give back bundle brings a bunch of cool skins

Valorant ‘Give Back’ Bundle Includes Fan-Favorite Vandal & Operator Skins

Oldies but goodies; these Valorant weapon skins are back!

There are two Valorant weapon skin bundles coming this week; one is the Abyssal Twinite reported yesterday, but arguably the more exciting one has just been unveiled today. It’s called ‘Give Back,’ and it’s set to bring back a bunch of fan-favorite skins. Riot Games will donate 50% of weapon skin revenue and 100% of accessory revenue to a charity fund selected by the Riot Games Social Impact Fund.

The bundle will feature the following weapon skins, which were voted on by players earlier this month on social media:

  • Neptune Vandal
  • Gaia’s Vengeance Ghost
  • Forsaken Operator
  • Magepunk Spectre
  • Give Back // 2022 Buddy
  • Give Back // 2022 Card
  • Give Back // 2022 Spray

Valorant Give Back Bundle Price

So, do you get any of these skins at a discount given that it’s a special bundle? Yes! Well, sort of. The skins are the same price as they’d be if they came into your store on a normal rotation and the same as they were on launch, but the bundle itself is discounted.

All the skins come in at the Premium Tier price of 1725 VP per skin. The bundle, however, is discounted by 30% and costs 6,382 VP (roughly $63).

You should see the Give Back bundle in your store later today. Until then, check out the Patch 5.10 notes if you haven’t already, which bring buffs and nerfs to three notable Agents.

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