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PSA: This Workaround Easily Unlocks The Callisto Protocol’s Hardest Achievement


PSA: This Workaround Easily Unlocks The Callisto Protocol’s Hardest Achievement

Easily unlock one of The Callisto Protocol’s hardest achievements with this neat workaround.

The Callisto Protocol is finally here after years of being worked on by Dead Space creator Glen Schofield. Players assume the role of Jacob Lee, who finds himself an inmate in Callisto’s Black Iron Prison. What starts as a prison sentence escalates into a fight for his life as Black Iron Prison becomes overrun by vicious mutant zombies.

Surviving in prison isn’t easy, and it’s even tougher for all the achievement hunters and completionists playing this game. The Callisto Protocol boasts a trophy requiring players to complete the game on the hardest difficulty, and it’s been made very apparent that the hardest difficulty is indeed pretty hard.

However, a clever little workaround has been discovered to mitigate the rage-inducing moments. Kinda Funny co-founder and former IGN video host Greg Miller has shared findings that players looking to earn “The Protocol is About Life” achievement easily can play through the game on any difficulty and earn the difficulty trophy.

All you have to do is beat the final boss, switch the difficulty to “Maximum Security,” run through the remaining segment, and the achievement will unlock.

As always, the choice is up to the players should they want to do that. If not, check out our selection of guides to help make the trek through Maximum Security easier, such as how to heal and increase healthhow to redeem preorder bonuses, or take a sneak peek at the full achievements list.

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