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Read the Profile Samples before making any Profiles (Army, Team, Locations, Character/Unit).

Note: Many profiles maybe out of date due to being unaware of new info from verses or lack of CTR.

Battle of Plataea

Invasion of Normandy

Battle of the Pelennor Fields

Battle of Coruscant

Welcome to the Universal Conquest Wiki

This Wikia is about pitting armies/factions from different verses against each other in an all out war to see who triumphs, includes strategies, army size, strengths, formations, leadership, their powers and skills, etc.


This is a place where people who appreciate and love large scale battles with massive armies and epic feats come to discuss and express their vigor of battles like these. please read the rules before starting a topic and have fun!

Before proceeding, please look at this page regarding the posting of images and videos.

This wikia will contain a lot of info that will be thrown at you, if confused, please let me know.

Note that when using the "Standard Layout" page when creating a page, is has the information for creating army/factions/organizations pages.

here are a few pages that would explain certain things when making discussions:

Battle Info

Wikia Info


This is where people can have conversations with other people about the wiki itself or the Chat section, were you can request battles (or make battles after more people join), talk about stats, feats or calcs (If needed), or general talks.

If we want to compare forces size to see how strong an individual force is, the page below serves as a place to talk about how strong a certain force is needed to defeat the entire military of all of earth, united in real, modern day earth.

Profile Samples

Here is the list of Profiles sample you can use as templates/drafts when you make one

List of Profiles

Here are the list of profiles from all the armies, teams, locations, and powers/skills that are currently on the wikia:

But Most Importantly, Have Fun, Socialize, Debate and Root for your Favorite Team!

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