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A lighting overhaul for Fallout 3

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This is a lighting overhaul of Fallout 3 that uses:
  • Boris Vorontsovs’ ENB series (SHIFT+F12 TO TOGGLE)
  • SweetFX by CeeJay.dk (SCROLL LOCK to TOGGLE)

The aim is to vastly improve the lighting while retaining the post-apocalyptic atmosphere that is represented so wonderfully in Fallout 3.


A showcase by Hodilton, and some random footage by me


  • First you need to download these ENB files.
  • Unzip the downloaded file; it contains 2 folders, Wrapper and Injector; copy the files from the “Wrapper” folder to your Fallout 3 folder (Not DATA!)(Note: Some of you may have to use the “Injector” files instead, please read the Injector/Wrapper note below)
  • Download the file uploaded here, unzip it, and copy all the files inside the 'Core' folder to your Fallout 3 folder (Again NOT DATA!), overwrite when prompted.
  • Disable AA in Falloutlauncher.exe (SweetFX adds post-process AA with a lower performance cost)
  • Run Fallout 3!
  • OPTIONAL: The ‘Optional Effects’ folder contains optional effects (Really!); in order to use them just copy them to your Fallout 3 folder (Overwrite)

Common Issues:

These are the common problems that may be faced by ENB users:
  • Weird Flickering/White Squares on screen: This is because you have not switched Anti-aliasing off in Falloutlauncher.
  • A lot of Jaggies: By default SMAA is enabled through SweetFX; if jaggies still persist, it most likely means that SweetFX isnt working.
  • MSI Afterburner OSD/ FRAPS: Overlays are not compatible with ENB, they will cause CTDs even before the main menu; FRAPS over-rides SweetFX, so if you have FRAPS on before you start the game, SweetFX wont start and only the ENB will work.
  • Falloutlauncher Settings: All Antialiasing must be disabled (even graphic card control panel) and HDR must be enabled.
  • You need the latest version of Direct X
  • Note that the interiors of this ENB are slightly on the darker side (has to be kept that way in order to preserve the nights), I recommend using Flashlight or SmoothLight - Pip-Boy Light Enhancer
  • Make sure that SweetFX is working: there is a big difference between it being ON/OFF, check the screens below. (Left=OFF)

Injector/Wrapper, which one to use?

You always use the wrapper version of ENB unless you have one of the problems below:
  • Huge frame-rate drop, probably means you have a multi-GPU setup and Fallout 3 is using the wrong GPU (Optimus laptops/ATI equivalent, dunno what it’s called)
  • Weird graphical artifacts. Using the Injector may fix it.
  • ENB not working at all. (No text in the top-left corner when Fallout 3 starts)
  • Finally if you have decided to use the injector version, remember that it has to be run everytime BEFORE you start the Fallout 3. (Also anti-viruses may interfere with the injector, watch out for that)

My game looks nothing like your Screenshots!!

The following mods should NOT be active with this ENB (The game won’t go bonkers, it just won’t look the same)
  • Fellout
  • Project Reality (Leads to some fancy unrealistic lighting with this ENB)
  • Any other mod that alters the weather/lighting of Fallout 3


  • Boris Vorontsov for ENB Series
  • CeeJay.dk for SweetFX
  • Project Reality Cinematic ENB by JJC71; a lot of this ENB is based on it.
  • M I D H R A S T I CE N B
  • Matso for the DoF code imported from Skyrim.
  • HD6 for enbeffect.fx