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Bright and vibrant lighting settings for Skyrim with a zero FPS hit!

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These are my custom settings for RL and Imaginator as a combo.
Since both RL and Imaginator use only the ingame engine, the FPS hit is zero.
All feedback is appreciated, especially on issues surrounding bright areas and bloom!

You must have Realistic Lighting with Customization and Imaginator installed in order to achieve the same effects as in the screenshots. I also recommend using Dynavision as it has some very cool DoF effects!

  • Copy the "Realisticlightingpatcher.esp" to your data folder
  • Copy "Realisticlighting.ini" to the data folder if you want to customize the INI (Backup your INI first!)
  • In the load order; make sure that Realisticlightingpatcher.esp loads AFTER (below) Realisticlighting.esp
  • Launch skyrim!

Imaginator Settings
Within the game summon the Imaginator helper and "Reset All Adjustments" from the main menu of the Imaginator helper (just in case)
Then apply the following settings through the helper:
  • In the PRESET SETTINGS MENU; apply 'Warm Northern Lights', 'Pop Photo Shoot' and 'Nice overall enhancement' one time each.
  • In the TINTOR MENU; add Yellow and Orange one time each.
  • In the CONTRASTOR MENU; adjust Contrast; Saturation and Brightness to taste, my personal settings are, Contrast around default; Saturation around -15; Brightness is default.
  • I keep the ingame brightness around 3 notches below the midpoint; adjust according to your taste.
  • If certain areas hit by the sun appear too bright, lower the 'Sunlight' value under the CINEMAGIC menu in Imaginator

Dynavision Settings
I have never been able to make the Dynamic DoF work well; so i use the STATIC DoF with the strength set to High.

Version History
  • Version 1.1: Added a low bloom to the RL ini, so bloom need not be applied through Imaginator. Leads to a lower overall bloom setting.
  • Version 1.0: Initial Version

Other lighting Mods that I use
Lanterns of Skyrim-Bridges
Lanterns of Skyrim-Cities
Cozier Villages - Outdoor Lighting

Plutoman101 for Realistic Lighting
MGE for Imaginator
Gopher for Dynavision