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Messina, Sicily, Italy. City and Province Landmarks.

DescriptionMessina city and province landmarksCustom models made by myself:- Duomo (Cathedral) [Messina]- Chiesa S. Maria delle Grazie, Pace [Messina]- Centro Commerciale Tremestieri [Messina]- Castello Diruto - Batteria S. Placido [Scaletta Zanclea, ME]- Custom tunnels [Scaletta Zanclea, ME]- Sanctuary of Montalto [Messina]- Pylons of...

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Messina city and province landmarks

Custom models made by myself:

- Duomo (Cathedral) [Messina]
- Chiesa S. Maria delle Grazie, Pace [Messina]
- Centro Commerciale Tremestieri [Messina]
- Castello Diruto - Batteria S. Placido [Scaletta Zanclea, ME]
- Custom tunnels [Scaletta Zanclea, ME]
- Sanctuary of Montalto [Messina]
- Pylons of the Strait [Messina and Reggio Calabria]
- Custom ferry boats and hydrofoils [Messina]
- Sanctuary of Dinnamare [Messina]
- Sanctuary of Tindari [Tindari, ME]

From Google photogrammetry:

- Cristo Re [Messina]
- Castel Gonzaga [Messina]
- S. Filippo Stadium [Messina]

A huge thanks to SinusJayCee for helping me on fixing the Pylons draw distance.


Just put modellib-messina folder on your Packages/Community folder as usual with this kind of scenery

A file with no pylons has been added for the people who purchased Tailstrike Designs Reggio Calabria Airport (LICR)


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September 16, 2020
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4 month(s) ago — 1.9.5



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  • Updated to version 1.9.5

  • Updated to version 1.9.3

  • Updated to version 1.9.2

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  • Updated to version 1.9

  • Updated to version 1.8.2

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Hi! You don´t happen to know if your add on is compatible with the other one, do you? https://de.flightsim.to/file/34404/messina

Would you please, list the longitude and latitude, so we can find this location, thanks?



4 month(s) ago / Thanked by IronMinion

e ci voleva!! Grazie ad IronMinion per questo ATTESO aggiornamento.



4 month(s) ago / Thanked by IronMinion

Huge thanks. Beautiful area. One question: where is the file with no pylons?

I noticed only the main file was updated recently, to 1.9.2 - would you also be able to update the no-pylons version please? 😊 It would be much appreciated!

A few months later and I am back to leave a feedback - and tell you are doing a GREAT job !

Your scenery is really enjoyable, while I also appreciate that you keep it updated neatly. Thank you for that !

The new policy of flightsim.to that calls for all addons to be properly updated in order not to be automatically removed by the set date is absolutely great !

That was just the thing that was needed.

I would go one step further and demand that all addons and mods on the platform always conform to the latest version on SDK, otherwise there would be no way of publishing them.

It is what both the community and developers need.

There has to be order and it has to be respected.

Back to your work - good job and please continue the dedication.

All the best and stay well man !

Very nice scenery, too bad you abandoned it.

I don't know what is the issue...you just have to get the latest SDK 0.13.0, load it and recompile.

You just have to take care about the modellib.bgl that one already birds know so no need to mention - but just keep it compiled against the latest SDK and you have no worries.

It's such a small procedure, done in minutes.

Ciao, ho lo scenario di Reggio Calabria, che ha anch'esso i piloni modificati, si vedranno doppi installando il tuo scenario?
Ciao. Complimenti. Ottimo lavoro. Ora la zona è migliore da vedere. Hai tolto quell'assurdi palazzi che c'erano a posto dei piloni. Pensa che io stesso avevo fatto un modello dei piloni estratto dalla forma 3d di google. Lo puoi vedere qui https://www.dropbox.com/s/o70yts4n4kcrybj/Piloni_poster.jpg?dl=0 . Ciao e grazie.
Adesso il Duomo di Messina è degno di questo nome....
Ti ricordo, quando e se avrai tempo, la lanterna del Montorsoli....
Grazie sempre !!!!!!
Very good scenery!
But I have visible white ground polygon issue under Reggio Calabria Pylon.
Congratulations indeed a beautiful scenery! the icing on the cake would be the Charon (the strait with its ferries even more realistic).
Great scenery!
Complimenti per lo splendido lavoro! Per caso hai in programma qualcosa su Reggio e l'aeroporto dello Stretto?
Your scenery looks amazing - Grazie !
Ottimo lavoro
Sono di Agrigento.
Mi regali la mia città compresa la valle ?
Grandi assenti:
Lanterna del Montorsoli
Chiesa di Grotte
Piloni illuminati di notte senza necessità di avvicinamento....

These items are currently on the list and will be processed soon!
Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version 1.9.5 May 31, 2022

    Custom Harbour from Google photogrammetry has been removed since it is now present in WU9. Updated with last SDK version and checked compatibility with latest update. Some minor fixes.

  • Version 1.9.3 November 21, 2021

    Updated with last SDK version and checked compatibility with latest update.

  • Version 1.9.2 September 19, 2021

    Updated with last SDK version and checked compatibility with latest update

  • Version 1.9.1 June 04, 2021

    Updated with last version of SDK.
    A file with no pylons has been added for the people who purchased Tailstrike Designs Reggio Calabria Airport (LICR)

  • Version 1.9 December 22, 2020

    My new custom model of the Duomo (Cathedral) added, in replacement of the bad Google one. Plan is to remove all the models from Google phogrammetry.

    Telepass ship is now in Caronte docks.

  • Version 1.8.2 December 08, 2020

    Sanctuary of Dinnamare model improved, new textures and more. Area around fixed with better terraforming. Probably something is still flying over there anyway.

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