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    • .. and the project manager asked me, the developer: Sorry I came not accross this posting earlier. I just checked Hamburg GateA 4A for instance with default A320 at vanillia MSFS. Everything works as expected, jetway is present and connecting. Maybe a silly question: Did you turn on the Batteries of your aircraft ? Otherwise you wont be able to contact ground and ask for jetway connection (MSFS allways turns aircraft el systems off, when using a gate as starting position) Thorsten
    • Danke, Matt, das war eine hilfreiche Antwort! Bei X-Plane 12 gibt es dieses Verzeichnis auch. Natürlich 'muss' ich die Daten nicht aktualisieren, aber wenn die verschienen Verzei8chnisse für die nav.data nicht identische Daten enthalten, gibt es Diskrepanzen zwischen den Karten bei Navigraph, den 'Angeboten' von SIDs und STARs in den Fliegern und bei X-Life. Deshalb bemühe ich mich um identische Datensätze an den verschienen Stellen in X-Plane.   Gruß Horst
    • Hello Mathijs, I was very disappointed about the recently released "Free" A310 from Inibuilds since it needs AVX Support and therefore does not run on my old Machine. Besides the Velocopter also "Free" it's the only Bird that needs AVX Support.   So how about your A330? Can it fly on a Core i5-750 with only 8GB of DDR3 SDRAM? Having no Problem with your other Aircraft as well as with PMDG, Fenix, Hyper Performance Group and others. Only this silly A310. It's all about programming. So if the A330 will run on my System it will be on my List.   I could test it before as Beta Pilot 🙂   Best regards
    • Here's a few screenshots taken while testing the night lighting around the western pier   
    • Hallo Horst,     Müssen nicht. Es liegt an Dir wie aktuell Du die Daten halten willst.      Im Gegensatz zum A320, holt sich der A350 die Daten direkt aus dem Xplane Custom Data Verzeichnis. Bei Xplane11 X-Plane 11\Custom Data\   Grüße Matthias  
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