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  1. MSFS was booted successfully on old PC. Thank you for all the help.
  2. Thanks for your prompt reply. I was to try booting MSFS on my old PC. However, I got the error message "This account cannot be used with MSFS: Error code: x803F8001". My library in the MS store showed the MSFS logo and an "open" sign (MSFS does't work even if open sign is clicked). Is it possible to use the same account on old PC? Please show me how to make it work like the original even on old PC. with best regards
  3. To those in charge, I recently installed MSFS 2020 on a new PC (windows 11) from the MS store without uninstalling MSFS 2020 (boxed version) on the old PC (windows 10). Currently MSFS 2020 is working fine on my new PC. Then I have a question. Do I need to uninstall MSFS on my old PC from the MS store? I think maybe MSFS doesn't work on my old PC. Is it true? If I uninstall the old PC's MSFS from the MS store, will it affect the behavior of the new PC's MSFS (I'm afraid MSFS on the new PC might not work because the MSFS information is managed over the internet.) Conversely, is it out of the question to delete just the MSFS folder on the old PC? I would be grateful if you could reply to this matter. Very truly yours Yoshi
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