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  1. Any chance on getting some more information? Like what went wrong, which team took over now, current progress.. Would be nice to have some more information after the long wait! Other than that good luck to the new developers! (Never thought Brussels was that difficult of an airport to develop!)
  2. Is this project still alive? No news for a long time.. And no screens for an even longer time :')
  3. It's been a long time without screens/progress update now I hope we're not being 'punished' because of the reactions of some people who didn't understand the meaning of WIP..
  4. Hope the new and fresh stuff comes soon! Been waiting for too long now for a new version it hurts my eyes everytime I look at the runway 02/20 instead of 01/19 and the planes parking in the sattelite area and absence of connector I hope everything is working out well and if possible once the airport starts operating completely as before (presumably before summer) we can start operating it's virtual counterpart too! (for now only 20% of airport capacity will be used which will be raised gradually till summer)
  5. It's been quite some time without any substantial update now.. Is progress being made or has the project run into trouble again?
  6. Is there some kind of feature list with what we can expect from the scenery?
  7. Any progress that can be shown up to now? It's been quite some time now without some screenshots/new information..
  8. I really hope it is finished before summer! That way I can simulate my flights planned for this summer departing/arriving at the airport
  9. Any chance Matthijs or someone from the team could give us an update? So we have an idea if it's coming soon or what is happening lately..
  10. Any estimate as to when it will finally be released? Optimising almost finished after such a long time I hope? :/
  11. Okay it's just frustrating to not have any news all of a sudden while a month ago everything was looking +- finished
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