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  1. I wasn't going to pursue this matter, as the reply was not helpful. However, since you have emailed me about it, I can advise that I have worked out for myself, after many hours of attempts, that one can, in fact, create an ILS as a pilot's navaid in the DATA section of the MCDU of the Aerosoft professional aircraft. I have made two and they both work. They do not feature in the Navdatabase automatically, but they remain available as navaids for the duration of the flightsim session. I have yet to learn how to save them permanently, but to make them semi-permanent, at least, I had to create new entries in the navaid texts of the navdatabase. These entries will, of course, be overwritten when the the navdatabase is updated. The FMGS responds to them when called by inserting either the ILS frequency, or the navaid IDENT in the RADNAV of the MCDU. The process is complicated, as one has first to create a pilot's runway in order make the ILS. It took a while to learn that the coordinates in the FMGS screens must be entered with the DDM system, not in decimal degrees, and how the "fig of merit" works, but with perseverance up the learning curve, an ILS can be created. It is a great pity that a step by step user guide was not created to help the uninitiated, like myself, as it would have saved me many hours of trial and error working it all out.
  2. Good day, I'm not quite sure if this is the correct forum for this topic, but I need some help with creating a new ILS. I assume this can still be done in the data section of the FMGS. If so, is there perhaps a manual, or user guide, that I can download? All my efforts thus far have come to a standstill at the point of entering the ELEV data, which consistently gives a message of "NOT ALLOWED". I cannot figure what information is required in this part of the screen. Is there some kind soul who can help me over this hurdle? I will be very grateful.
  3. Mathijs, Is the replaced file still available?
  4. Good day Mathijs, I tried for a response in the voice sets section of the forum, without success, so I'm hoping this post under General might receive attention. Do you perhaps have a functional version of the above wav file somewhere in the archives? The file installed via setup is blank. If this file is available with announcement recorded, it would be greatly appreciated, if you could make it available in the downloads section so those who want to use it now can access it. Alternatively, please advise where the file can be found. Regards.
  5. As I take my own tablet with all features of the EFB into the cockpit when I fly, the built-in EFB is redundant and somewhat distracting. I am using the latest version of the aircraft and everything is working perfectly. Does Aerosoft still have mdl files without the EFB, which I can use to replace those in the latest version of the A320's and which will be compatible? How can I access such files, or could they be emailed to me, if they are, in fact, available?
  6. There is questionable behaviour in the braking system of this aircraft. After landing with the auto brake set, sometimes the brakes overheat to a point where a warning is given by the system. This is understood as normal. However, after the aircraft is parked with chocks in place and the parking brake released, the brake temperatures sometimes continue to increase, where one would expect the temperature to start cooling down. I had an instance this morning where the brake temperatures went as high as 1500*C, enough to set the tyres on fire! Surely, this can't be normal? Is there a remedy, or is this a glitch in the system, which must just be accepted? Presumably the A330 does not have brake cooling in real life?
  7. Good day Mathijs, I know the EFB topic has been closed, but I'd like to make a suggestion to appease those who do not want the EFB in their cockpit. Before the later updates of the A320 Professional, I recall flying a model version, which did not have the EFB in the virtual cockpit. This was not so long ago, perhaps before version, so maybe the 64 bit model files are still accessible from what must be an extensive development data base. My suggestion is that the non-EFB model files be included in Aerosoft's free downloads, so that those who want them, can download them and replace the latest model files which do contain the EFB. The files could be named "Model.Non-EFB", so that their use can be set in the aircraft.cfg file, as an option. If this is possible, it might be a quick work around to put a smile on the faces of those, who don't like the EFB. Best wishes for the festive season and the new year. Quentin
  8. Stunning!!! Many thanks to the development team for all the hours of hard work. I will happily pay for such a quality product. Can't wait!

  9. No, the only other programs I use are RCv4 and FS Meteo, neither of which should affect altitudes. I will uninstall AES and re-install it to see if this helps. It may have resulted from the activation of slew mode while configuring AES, as I noticed that the PMDG B747-400X model's wheels go below the apron surface when slew mode is activated. Will let you know the outcome from re-installing AES. Regards, Quentin
  10. Hi Oliver, I'm using Simwings version. The AES works OK in FS9. Regards, Quentin
  11. After a long wait, I have finally decided to give FSX a try after having flown FS9 since its launch. All is coming together quite nicely and I have so far installed AES at London Heathrow airport, with a few more to go. The activation of AES works OK, but the technician and vehicles are partially below ground level, like the technician is buried up to his waist! The vehicles move to their positions OK and extend their platforms, etc, but only the tops of the vehicles are visible. The aircraft (PMDG 747-400X) sits perfectly on the apron surface. Seems AES is not in sync with the airport altitude. Is there a remedy? Regards, Quentin
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