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  1. I've been checking the developer's Discord channel and it will be released very soon, don't worry. I'm also eagerly waiting for this one 😉
  2. They are just not inclined to make these changes, however easy they might be to implement. In 6 months time, and only if they they are good at saving lists of these bugs and issues, they might fix this. Well, for example the reversed lever on the fuel panel has been also on this Aerosoft's legendary CRJ buglist for 6 months or so.
  3. The creators said on their Discord channel that the scenery is practically finished and it will be released shortly after the release of Sim Update 10. I am also waiting, it looks absolutely stunning!
  4. They still sell it in large amounts, no need to waste resources to improve it. Besides, Airbus is coming...
  5. Well, so much for the improvement in communication with their customers.
  6. Can you tell me what that "everything" means? Because this topic really confuses me a lot. I have always thought that this just doesn't work as intended in this addon. How do you do the derated take-offs in Aerosoft CRJ? This confuses me because from my understanding the correct procedure is to set the FLEX temp in the FMS and then during take-off I should set the throttle to TOGA detent and the engines should not go higher than N1 corresponding to the FLEX temp. I also get the visualization but the engines overshoot the limit. It just never worked for me, I have tried a couple of times. Also I believe that Raptor05121 is a real CRJ pilot and he confirmed that. You shouldn't use your throttle to incrementally hunt for the N1 limit, the plane should do that for you in the TOGA detent. Or I just understand the whole concept wrong.
  7. I would love to see MPTO being served by Simple Traffic as well. It's hard to believe that Asobo didn't include this airport in the sim. It's a ghost town now.
  8. I guess Alexander hasn't replied yet.
  9. Avoid painful issues like this? What does that mean? This bug hits you if you do a normal standard flight with offline ATC involved.
  10. I uninstalled the 550/700/900/1000 package in the AS One, installed it again and now all variants are back. But you're right, the silence coming from AS is very loud. I guess that's a consequence of it being released before weekend.
  11. I wanted to do another test today flying to EGLC and I've just noticed that 550/700 variants are missing. 900/1000 are in my library. I tested 1000 yesterday.
  12. Anybody having problems with the ATC after the update? The messages from the ATC are cut and only partially played back.
  13. I don't know, maybe I'm wrong but shouldn't you set toga for every take-off, even for the derated one? Plus I guess flex doesn't work and it's in the list of things to be fixed.
  14. I wouldn't blame CRJ here. I had CTD taxiing the DC Designs Concorde in Sydney last week. No CTD with CRJ for months. And I've been using Toolbar Pushback all the time.
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