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  1. Aerosoft one im sorry to say is a very frustrating program. Unlike apps where you can download files basically anywhere you like and link them in it is very difficult with AO. Anyway. I have a number of aerosoft titles including airports and planes. I use add ons linker so they are located in an aerosoft one library folder and I use them as I need them but linking them in. The aerosoft one app states that Brussels has an update and it comes up on my AO program as an update but when I click it there is nowhere to update. It has enable, details or uninstall as options. I am logged in. Any suggestions as to how I go about updating this would be great.
  2. Thanks Mathijs, There is part of me that would like the 900/1000 but I like to use the 700 for shorter journeys to regional airports so might just stick with that for now if as you say they are the same except a bit bigger. $30 is just a bit too much for really the same thing. Thanks for your reply.
  3. Same problem. Cant upgrade the 550/700. Just now hangs on pending. I dont want to do the same and not be able to download or update just the 550/700. To be honest I dont really want to get the 900/1000. Its $30 AUD and in reality that is just for some extra seats. Here is screen shots of what it is now doing.
  4. Is there any actual difference apart from it just takes more passengers??. Anything in the cockpit that distinguishes it between the models. I have the 700/550 and I only fly the 700 to be honest. Just not sure if forking out another $30+ AUD is worth just having the same plane really.
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