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  1. Wow, that's great news. Didn't expect it at this time, all the more a pleasant surprise. I'm sure you found an excellent set of recordings. Doesn't matter if it's old. 🙂
  2. Thank you, Mathijs, for the explanation. Maybe you are right that most customers just want to hear something they expect. Not something realistic. I can only speak for myself, and I expect it realistic. But that's not the important point here, because - as you stated correctly - next to all customers have no experience in what is realistic in the crew deck. So I couldn't be disappointed by how unrealistic it is. I just wouldn't know. I have been on a Twin Otter, but only as a passenger. The thing was, from the first flight to the last one (which was the second flight), that it was simply impossible for me to overhear all those technical shortcomings. It just felt like I was listening to an audio file playing in the background, unconnected to what happened in the simulator. It was the audio equivalent to a prop not being visually attached to the engine. Compared to that every mod, however unrealistic, is always better, as long as it's technically unsuspicious and somewhat "attached" to the plane. Their seems to be an order of importance here: At first come the technical aspects ("Immersion", not "Disruption"), then it should be believable for the random person on the passenger seat. Then it should be realistic (not unimportant, but third priority). As I see it, Aerosoft has delivered only on the second priority. Now forstalling the first by chasing the third priority might not be the best tactic. Having said all that, I am grateful that you are still willing to overcome whatever hurdles there are to create an "attached" AND realistic soundscape. There are a number of customers out there who are still patiently waiting ... and waiting ... 😉
  3. I agree with the above comments. I have never flown my Twin Otter since the first update. Sound was after update even worse than before. It's now rusting away in my hangar. All I want to know is: Do I have to write off my investment, or is there still hope? Thx
  4. And if we are lucky it comes at or around the same time as the helicopter update from Asobo. 🙂
  5. One thing that bothers me a bit in MSFS is the fact that wind turbines are always in sync with each other. Phase angle is always the same at each and every turbine in view. Is that a requirement of the sim, or will it be different in your product?
  6. Sadly, I have to agree to each and every point. I'm willing to see the efforts made. But to be honest, for me it's worse then before - during startup I was under the impression I had done something wrong, because the engine suddenly shut off. Checked and found a running engine. Weird.
  7. Maybe it's already known, but I didn't find anything about it in the forum: When the Vent Fan is running and you switch back from exernal to cockpit camera, then the fan sounds like running up again instead of just kicking in.
  8. I would really love to see the Dornier Wal in MSFS. That would be legendary. Alternatively I would settle for the Do X, of course. 🙂
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