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  1. Looking good. If I may chime in to the "whats gonna be thereafter" discussion. I absolutely second an A340-300/600! I mean, there is as far as I know NO rendition for the MSFS platform at all, P3D never had one as well. Its just one of those airplanes thats never been really well done and its a huge fan favourite. It's also kind of a close relative to the A330. I just think if a A340 was done to the same standard as the A330 is, it could very well be a highly appreciated and good selling product. Its just sad, that the A340 is at the end of its lifespan and while it was active (I mean it still is for a few years to come), we never had a really good rendition for it in the sim. Kinda the same thing with the A380. But regarding that plane I'm fairly hopeful about the FBW one. Anyways, offtopic over. A330 is looking great and I'm looking forward to flying it
  2. Yeah, the issue seems to be resolved now!
  3. Hey, need to test it again. But I think it was solved. Can reply back on the weekend though.
  4. Hey, did my first flight to the newly released Baden Airpark just now. Its nighttime and while landing I noticed that part of the runway lights of RWY21 weren't illuminated. Noticed this in the touchdown zone. After vacating the runway I also noticed that the green taxiway markers were partly not illuminated. It seemed like in a radius of 50-100m around my plane they were off and as soon as you were far enough away from them they were on again. Very weird. Is this something with the scenery or rather on my end? Haven't noticed this with any other airports yet though. Kind regards
  5. Hey guys, don't wanna be *that* guy but is there some progress? I'm from the area in reallife and EDSB is kinda my home airport, so I really can't wait to get my hands on this one! Would love to see some new pics from the Beta (can you potentially sign up for the Beta and assist in any way?)
  6. My replacement unit is working perfectly fine. I'm in Europe, Germany to be exact and I sent my old one in, it took about 5 workdays until they probably "analyzed" it and so on. Then I got the mail that my replacement is on the way and it was there the next day. So can't say anything too bad.
  7. Hi all, just got the Airbus Levers for my Bravo. Really like them. But there is one problem: Seemingly the input buttons of the reverse levers and the ATHR Disconnect buttons are swapped. Which means with the profile I use for the FSLabs when I pull the reverse levers it disconnects my autothrottle and when I press the ATHR Disconnect Buttons it activates idle reverse. I have yet to discover on how I can use the Honeycomb Profiler to do bindings by myself as I don't know about the variables at all. Is there any way I can easily swap those assignments? I've tried opening the Profile .json with Notepad and simply copying the variables from one to the other but apparently the Honeycomb Profiler doesn't like that and deems the profile as invalid thereafter. Or is there maybe someone here who could do it? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! EDIT: I digged in deeper and have swapped the assignments myself. Was actually not as difficult as I thought it would be
  8. Thank you, I'm already extremely in love with the Bravo itself, now that I got a correctly working one
  9. I see I see... Thanks for your responses, the levers are ordered
  10. Ah oke, thats where my confusion came from. But if the buttons are the same why would they be needed in the configurator anyways
  11. Alright, so the Airbus Buttons trigger the same inputs as the commercial buttons? Which would mean if for example one of my profiles has a TOGA button utilized I could theoretically also trigger that TOGA Button with the Airbus' AT Disconnect button on the side? So the reverse-lever functionality is the same as well? And I suppose what you mean by "the current configurator don't yet include the Airbus levers indeed." is meant for MSFS? Regards
  12. Hey all. I'm currently highly debating if I should grab myself the Airbus Levers for my Bravo. I immensely enjoy the Bravo and would love to have the Airbus levers. Now the thing holding me back is, I'm quite sure I've read somewhere that the profiles created/used with the normal commercial levers are not compatible with the Airbus ones? If I recall correctly someone complained on a forum, that his profile for the Aerosoft A330 doesn't work with the Airbus levers. Now, I'd be using it with the Aerosoft A330 and FSLabs A320s. At the moment the commercial levers have the function when pulling the reversers that they go into idle reverse and then in combination with the "negative" detent, full reverse is applied. But only if I have the reversers pulled and then further pull it into the negative. Is that a plug and play thing with the Airbus levers? I've read on the website that they have a reverse lockout, is that the root of the issue (if it exists at all?) Would love to hear some input.
  13. Well, basically flying the CRJ I guess. I have flown the CRJ for the first time in months now, and I also upgraded to P3Dv5 from v4 since that. I mean I could try reinstalling it but I don't know if that helps. EDIT: I think the problem is with my Honeycomb Bravo. I just tested it out without the Bravo plugged in and changed the HDG on the ground with the mousewheel and it shows what I change the heading to. Last time I was flying I was using the Bravo obviously and it didn't show up. So I guess thats where the problem lies. Still odd though.
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