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Help!Cant decide xD
Im very interested in rune factory series.Which one should i play 4 or 5?need enlightment xD
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RF 4 is more charming and complete. It's a slow burner and PC controls are a bit wonky... Would recommend the controller. Also there are some jarring low resolution textures but if you don't mind all of that it's a good game.

RF 5 is unbalanced and lacking. Completed the main story within a MONTH of in game time! You can break the game economy and become OP quite easily in RF 5.

Lots of empty houses in the village, re-used assets ( same monsters different skins ), annoying mechanics such as trash spawning every in game hours on your farm fields!
Monster barns and interactions are terrible. They just walk around... they don't have animations for feeding, sleeping or even playing! Camera can get in a way of farming and fighting and combat is pretty much the same as in the other games : STAT CHECKS. If you have the right gear you will have no problem beating the game. The game is also grindy ( crafting and skills for weapons etc. ) No skip button for events so you will have to see them all even if you have zero interest in some characters...

RF 5 lacks charm and polish. It's an average game. The main reason to get it is updated controls, 3D ( if you don't like top down view of RF 4 ) and well... feeling of something new? Since I have already played all RF games on 3DS console.
I agree with Mugen. In addition, I'm enjoying the game, but I feel like the ugly, open ground everywhere in RF5 is constantly taunting me. A lot of rookie design mistakes in the world (ancient forest and the cherry tree lined street get a high score though). Not everything has to be huge and grandiose with nothing in it! Ugh.
Yiskah 30 Sep @ 9:47am 
RF5 is my first rune factory game and since it is my first ever rune factory I am enjoying it a lot and I'm amazed by a lot of things I encounter. I'm glad that I played it before RF4 because I always believe in saving the best for last. I can't wait to play rune factory 4 when I'm done with the fifth because I can't imagine it getting better than RF5. Imagine how great RF4 will be! I'm so excited!

If you plan on playing all rune factory games eventually like me, maybe start with the least favorite then end it with the best one ❤️
like 500+ hours on RF4 and i have purchased it twice. i would grab rf4 and come back to this game after you finish
Rune factory 4 is a really good one , the story is flushed out and the characters full of life and great game over all. Rune Factory 5 is a let down , the story is way to short and the characters are decent . I got bored after the story was done by summer first year and the side quest are random to show. The in game time is so slow . If you want a look at HARVESTELLA looks promising.
Doremi 1 Oct @ 6:56pm 
ty guys.I decided and bought rune factory 4.
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