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Shylaar 22 Jun @ 10:47am
Give us the Livia marriage DLC
Livia, Radea, and Terry all had datamined voice lines relating to marriage dialogue that was labelled as DLC. These unused voice lines are in both the Japanese version and in English in the western version.
What do the devs have against letting us marry the dragon? It's not like they were unaware of people wanting this after 4.
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Jao 22 Jun @ 1:36pm 
I second that.
I tripple that, Radea is best girl
Elsje and Misa shoulda been one too. Like why they hate against milfs?
Hina legit says she would love if you were her mom/dad lol.
drew8898 22 Jun @ 5:23pm 
I would kill for a mod that made Radea a marriage candidate with her own dating events.
Apollyon 22 Jun @ 7:00pm 
i want that !

but i know developer will not add it, since they just port the game and will not add anything then leave it
Alchius 22 Jun @ 8:37pm 
Though I doubt it will happen, this really should be in the game. To have much of it made for those 3 characters just to cut it out is a massive waste. Livia deserves to be happy too.

And frankly after RF4, there's no way they don't know people want it a decade later. With how unfinished the game was on Switch it feels like they just got axed for time and completely abandoned while they tried to patch up the terrible performance due to JP reception.
funewchie 22 Jun @ 10:58pm 
Originally posted by D's Journal:
Elsje and Misa shoulda been one too. Like why they hate against milfs?
Hina legit says she would love if you were her mom/dad lol.

A flaw of this genre.
I've yet to see a game that allowed for marrying a single parent, or a divorced or widowed character.

Although one game (My Time At Portia) failed to account for a bachelorette raising her little brother.
She moves in with you... but her little brother stays at their house.
Uh... I think the devs of that game overlooked something.
Chuck 23 Jun @ 12:41am 
Yes, please. Sadly, I doubt we're ever gonna get anything official. At least on PC there is a sliver of chance someone is able to use the existing datamined stuff and fill in the blanks to try to make a mod that fits the tone of the game allowing marriage with these characters. That's my hope at least. And if Venti happens to show up and we can marry her as well, all the better.
Sigvuld 23 Jun @ 1:57am 
Originally posted by Omega:
all money went into the gay conversion of characters they canceled DLC to to make the woke people

correct - they canceled the DLC to make the woke people

Needed funds for the factory or something idk

another coomer profile, I think you might ACTUALLY all be made in the same factory

edit: yes the above "correct" is sarcasm jesus h christ
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UwU OwO 23 Jun @ 1:27pm 
Be Obscene 23 Jun @ 10:16pm 
Romancing someone with a child model feels wrong.
Even though she's a millennia old dragon in disguise
funewchie 23 Jun @ 10:50pm 
Originally posted by Be Obscene:
Romancing someone with a child model feels wrong.
Even though she's a millennia old dragon in disguise

Eh, when you've played Fire Emblem, you kinda get used to it.
Same premise, as well.

It also has dragons in human form, who age a LOT slower than humans. (Although granted, two of the three purebloods throughout the series that you can romance resemble adults (Tiki and Rhea). Nowi's the odd exception (the typical loli).
In Fire Emblem: Awakening, Tiki's about 3,000 years old (but resembles a 20-year-old). In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Rhea's age is unknown (And physically looks to be her late 20's ~ early 30's), but her looks haven't changed in the last 1,000 years, so likely much older than that.

You're not wrong, though.

Even when I picked Nowi in Awakening, I did it to annoy others. And to get her conversations unlocked, so I wouldn't have to pick her again.
(I'm currently going for Anna. She may be having a "Nurse Joy/Officer Jenny" kind of situation with her sisters all looking identical to her and having her name, but at least she is physically an adult.)
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Algester 23 Jun @ 11:30pm 
remember lads there are still people pinning for Ventuswill/Seyzawill route...

but mad lads can dream a broken nightmare
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Dillon 24 Jun @ 3:39am
Contact XSEED and Marvelous JP about wanting livia and radea as DLC options, honestly losing hope myself, but gonna keep up the good fight anyway
YuGames 26 Jun @ 3:39am 
If you cannot see or understand why they will not allow such thing to happen then you are purposefully and borderline maliciously keeping yourself obtuse.

And stop blaming "them woke lgbts" for every failure this game suffers from.

The idea that a DLC existed to marry the 7 years old looking girls was never confirmed nor was announced to be in progress, the rumor was born from some datamined voice lines on the original JP release of the game., of which the same type existed for Ventuswill in Rune Factory 4.

Was the "Rune Factory 4 "DLC" also "cancelled" because "Them evil gays?" when that game does not have that option?

Once again, stop being so obtuse, there was no such DLC, those are leftovers from the development process as there are many more unused lines and objects that are not romance-based, yet none of you claim those belong "to a DLC"

You basically convinced yourselves that you were going to get "them lolis" and patted each other´s backs awaiting anxiously for a DLC that anyone with two working braincells knew that would never be produced.

And now that you come to realise that it is not happening, you resort to the usual scapegoat that every single loli-lover has used since the announcement of the EN version.

"Them gais ruined everything!!!11111"

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