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[Expanded Town Events]
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21 Apr, 2018 @ 8:58am
31 Jan, 2020 @ 8:17am
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[Expanded Town Events]

In 1 collection by Seal
Slightly Startled Dungeon
10 items
+23 New Town Events

Parts of the art are taken from the character comics:

Town events have become a little bit stale for me, so this mod's focus is to spice it up a little. There are 12 positive town events, 2 neutral town events, and 9 negative town events.

Current bugs: There are some town events which do not show their buffs or debuffs for some reason. They're still there, but there won't be a town event icon (looks like a bell) under your character.

Not 100% sure on mod compatibility: (worked with mods I use)
Things I know: It is compatibility with all of the other mods I have made so far.
Things I don't know: This should be very compatibile as no files are being replaced. Assume it won't work with huge overhauls like PBD

Balance criticism and bug reports are welcome

Russian: Brutalis
Schinese: nbb

List of Town Events and their effects :

Holy Spirit: In Ruins: + 10 ACC, +2 SPD, +5% Crit chance

Year of the Swine: In Warrens: Party surprised chance - 60%, +60% chance to surprise monsters

Traveling Mycologist: In Weald: Max HP +20%, Prot +10%

The Traitor: In Cove: Bleed and Debuff Resist +40%

Hope: -20% stress next quest

Surge of Nihilism: +20% stress next quest

Unholy Rally: In Ruins: Damage -20%, Crit chance -5%

Virulent Infection: In Warrens: Spd -2, Disease resist - 50%

Virago's Curse: In Weald: Blight and Move resist -40%

Eldritch Wards: In Cove: Max HP -20%, Dodge -10

Outcasts: +4 Recruits (all lv 0) : Occultist, Abomination, Hellion, Jester

Holy Pilgrimage: +4 Recruits (all lv 0) : Vestal, Flagellant, Crusader, Leper

Fanatic's Satchel: +10% Damage vs Bloodsuckers, +20% Bleed Skill chance vs Bloodsuckers

Crimson Mutation: If has the Crimson Curse: -10 ACC, - 40% Healing recieved

Ungodly Presence: -75% stress healed in the abbey

Plundered: -75% stress healed in the tavern

Free Training: +2 Free combat skills

Goodwill: +1 Free camping skill

Survivalist's Conference: +2 Free camping skills, +5 Free Combat skills. (low chance of occuring)

Errant Psychologist: -50% cost of Quirk Treatments

Brittle Crystals: +20% Damage Reflection in the Farmstead

Forlorn Cries: +20% Stress in Farmstead

Necromancer for Hire: Allows you to revive one random hero for 15000 gold

Expanded Town Events is not an official Red Hook Studios product or product modification, and Red Hook Studios Inc. is not responsible in any way for changes or damages that may result from using the mod. Furthermore, “Darkest Dungeon” and the Darkest Dungeon logo are trademarks of Red Hook Studios Inc. All content in the game is Copyright Red Hook Studios Inc. All rights reserved.
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10 Jan, 2021 @ 6:40pm
korean localization
< >
Khance Time 22 Aug @ 6:22pm 
@lesBean Well I hope you can either find the solution or at least not ruin a save or two. will keep a eye on the courtyard one. and maybe try it some day but that will be for a later date. so until then take care friend! and good luck with you game/mods.
les8ean 22 Aug @ 5:34am 
@Khance Time
It's not a conflict; I had the problem even when this mod wasn't installed. Maybe it's a conflict between Courtayrd+ and something else, but I can't think of what it might be conflicting with
But yeah, this mod has nothing to do with that error
Khance Time 19 Aug @ 11:53pm 
@lesBean ah, so it was a mod confliction. didn't know if it was this mod or not. wanted to know before I added it to my "second season" modpack. cause base game events get stale after a bit.
Glad that you fixed it!!
shame the courtyard mod conflicts with it. it seemed like it wold be fun to add as well.
les8ean 18 Aug @ 11:59pm 
@Khance Time
I realized it wasn't this mod causing the issue, but the "Courtyard +" mod, which added a new town event that I wrongly attributed to this mod by mistake
I never found a fix for it, and have since uninstalled Courtyard +, despite how much I enjoy other features of that mod.
Comments left on Courtyard + alerting them to this issue have gone without response so far
Khance Time 18 Aug @ 11:38pm 
@lesBean did it get fixed or did you have to start a new game?
les8ean 27 Jul @ 8:35pm 
used this mod for ages and never had a problem.
...........until now
got the "Crazed Fanatic" event, which implied there would be a hamlet expedition to fight the fanatic, but I didn't get the quest. Trying to do any other quest makes the game instantly crash and close itself, which has made my game unplayable :(
Anyone have a fix, or do I just have to delete this mod and start a new game?
Ser Jalepenodin 8 Jul @ 3:21am 
Deactivated the mod and the shrieker appeared after the first quest I did. It is also there after beating it and regaining a load of trinkets so this mod was 100% the cause of this shrieker bug.
Ser Jalepenodin 8 Jul @ 2:05am 
has anyone had any issues with the shrieker not spawning while using this mod because I have lost 16+ trinkets and the shrieker will not spawn and I am wondering if this mod is causing the issue.
Slaz 31 Mar @ 9:36pm 
Just in case someone runs into the same exact scenario / bug I have, if you get the Necromancer For Hire event RIGHT AFTER someone dies, they'll for some reason have the morality debuffs (Debuffs when you come back from Deaths Door) even when they're at full HP. To get rid of this, simply complete a mission with them (Preferably alive) and they'll be restored back to their original vigor
Amax 14 Oct, 2021 @ 5:43am 
Hey, I really like this mod however it doesn't have a german translation.
Is there any way I could translate it for you?