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Pitch Black Dungeon
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23 Dec, 2016 @ 1:02pm
18 Nov @ 8:24am
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Pitch Black Dungeon

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Pitch Black Dungeon - Gameplay Overhaul Mod
Pitch Black Dungeon is an overhaul and expansion mod for Darkest Dungeon. The aim of Pitch Black Dungeon is to enhance and expand upon the vanilla game for those seeking a more tactical, balanced, and challenging experience. Pitch Black Dungeon requires you to be aware of your decisions and surroundings if you wish to successfully complete quests. Pitch Black Dungeon features hundreds of enemy subtypes, thousands of additional encounters, a completely rebalanced economy and loot system, and much more!

Design, Logistics, and Scripting - Maester Silvio Artwork - RedDyeNo5 Seasonal Artwork - Monsoontide Additional Artwork - Tacocat Additional Artwork - Grimnoley Additional Art - 'Crossroadsoffate' @Twitch
Version Info:
Current Version - 6.435 Works with revision #25721 11/18/22

Official Discord

Mod Features of PBD 6.4 - One Last Breath
Here’s a quick look at some of the things you’ll find and experience in this mod!
  • Almost every ability in the game (hero & enemy) has been added onto, redesigned, or rebalanced
  • Over 750 enemy variants have been added to freshen up combat and make it more unique
  • Over 220 additional pieces of lore that tell a completely new story in the same universe
  • Overhauled the Darkest Dungeon area with unique layouts, affixes, and more!
  • Over 3 times the amount of quests can be generated
  • 85 potions spanning 33 different types with unique artwork can be found during your travels
  • Expanded curio interactions for enhanced depth and variance
  • Unique trinket sets with artwork that can be obtained through engaging actions
  • Rebalanced trinkets for better rarity tiering and expanded buff usefulness
  • Complete quirk rework to make quirks slower to obtain, but much more weighty and important
  • Enhanced UI for better legibility and quicker understanding
  • 9 new diseases as well as a full disease rebalance has made them deadlier than ever
  • Each specific area has unique generation to encourage tactical provision management
  • Every enemy, boss, and hero has received changes in balance or been overhauled
  • Rebalanced town events and 30 additional ones
  • An entirely overhauled economy to support thoughtful purchases and limit your safety cushion
  • Additional corpse mechanics ranging from fermenting and fumigating all the way to reanimating undead and more!
  • Meet fallen heroes in combat and try to remember who the real enemy is...
  • Mini-bosses can be found in each dungeon; do you dare to risk the lives of your heroes for the rewards?
  • New relationships have been designed with heroes and their abilities, resulting in new synergies
  • Thousands of additional enemy encounters
  • And even more...

Changelog - Most Recent Update:
Version 6.435 - 11/18/22
-Main -Added a party name for Lyrenstraz (beaten PBD torchless twice now) -Enemies -Ancestor -Fixed a naked string appearing for the fight when the Ancestor kills himself Current Version - 6.435 Works with revision #25721 11/18/22

Changelog Links:
Version 6.0+
Please see the changelog for the full notes! Post-V6.0 Changelog[docs.google.com]

Pitch Black Dungeon Mirrors:
Install so that the 'Pitch Black Dungeon' folder is located in the '/DarkestDungeon/Mods' folder.

Manual Install: Download[drive.google.com]

Districts & Flagellant Patches:

Shieldbreaker Patch:

Musketeer Patch:
This patch should ONLY be downloaded if you have legitimate access to the Musketeer, and it is necessary if you do!

Nexus Download:
Pitch Black Dungeon is also available on the Nexus for anyone interested...
Nexus Link[www.nexusmods.com]

Pitch Black Dungeon Guide
I've created a guide to help people in understanding the changes and additions to my mod as well as providing them with extensive information and tips for surviving and succeeding.

Pitch Black Dungeon Guide[docs.google.com]

  • Custom Classes - No (Unless specific patch has been made)
  • ANY Inventory Mods - No
  • Skins/Cosmetic-only Mods - Yes
  • UI Enhancement - No
  • Other Languages - No
  • DLC - Only the Flagellant, Districts, and Shieldbreaker (WITH PATCHES)
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Kurama 17 Nov @ 4:32am 
Nah, I'm cool with English.
Maester Silvio  [author] 16 Nov @ 8:55am 
Yeah, in most other cases a missing string wouldn't crash it, but with journal pages it does. I hope playing in English doesn't diminish your experience in any way. :heart:
Kurama 15 Nov @ 1:58pm 
Well that would explain it, strange it causes crashes though.
Maester Silvio  [author] 15 Nov @ 11:09am 
Are you playing in a language apart from English? PBD only supports English, unfortunately.
Kurama 15 Nov @ 9:50am 
I start a new game with the mod installed, try to read the first note I was given and get an immediate crash, not sure why. I thought it's something about other mods, but I tried to do it without any other mod installed and still get a crash.
Maester Silvio  [author] 15 Nov @ 12:27am 
Oh jeez, big F
drtinnyyinyang 14 Nov @ 7:56pm 
Didn't realize there was more than one tutorial mission for a couple weeks, so I went in with a Flag and Hellion. Turns out the slimes now are immune to DoT for some godforsaken reason and I lost Flag and Vestal.
Beepoofly 8 Nov @ 3:08pm 
Maester Silvio  [author] 8 Nov @ 4:30am 
Both of those should be fully compatible, but if you run into any issues let me know
Beepoofly 8 Nov @ 3:12am 
Also fully lit darkness... those are the only two mods i cant imagine playing without