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An ongoing project to add fully lore-friendly new suits of light and medium armour to DA:O, themed around the elves and their place within the Grey Wardens.

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Update: 13th July 2010

First off I'd like to say thank you to everyone who has downloaded and rated the file so far: I've been paying attention to all of your feedback and it's all appreciated.

I've been intending to update this mod for months now, but due to a range of real life complicates and commitments I've not been able to give it the time it deserves.

The upshot is: I'm not sure when you should expect the next version although I am still keen to finish the project. If possible I'd like to have a minor update within the next month, concentrating on bug fixes, placing the item in the camp store, Awakening compatibility, and perhaps a optional version with better stats. Normal maps are still a ways off, as I've not been able to muster the funds necessary to replace my graphics card, and until that happens it'll look off on high-end machines.

I guess what I'm trying to say is this: as soon as life lets me I'll have something new for you, but in the meantime, keep watching this space.


by Kutkh




Using DAUpdater:

1. Extract EWArmor0.1.dazip to a directory of your choice.
2. Navigate to your Dragon Age\bin_ship directory, and open daupdater.exe
3. Click Select DAZips
4. Navigate to where you unzipped EWArmor0.1.dazip and select it.
5. Click Install Selected.



During my first playthrough of Dragon Age I regretted the lack of appropriate armor for an elven Grey Warden. I didn't want to encumber my melee rogue in heavy plate, but found leather armor lacking in character. As the endgame approached I was desperate to find something to wear that would show how far my warden had come from his city-elf origins, but the best I could do was to kit him out in full Ancient Elven Armor - all well and good, were it not for the inkling that I'd gone to the wrong Joining and accidently become a member of the Green Wardens.

It seemed like the game was lacking in options at the lighter end of the armor scale and that seemed like as good a basis as any for a mod.

This is a very early release, the first step in a project I intend to build on. But I want to get something out there for people to play with and to hopefully gather suggestions and feedback for the next release. Thanks for looking!


This mod adds a full suit (armor, gloves, boots and helm) of medium armor to the player's inventory. The armor has been designed with the following principles in mind:

- A lore-appropriate fusion of elven and Grey Warden designs, including the Grey Warden insignia.
- A 'lighter' look than many medium/heavy armors, emphasising leather and chainmail rather than metal plate.
- A helmet that doesn't look silly on an elf. (I've already got pointy ears, I don't need head-wings!)
- Decent, but but balanced bonuses for a melee rogue or warrior.

The current version does all of the above and is suitable for all race and gender combinations, not just elves. In creating this texture I have blended some original work with material from the Ancient Elven and Warden Commander sets.

Known Issues

- At the moment the armor uses existing normal maps rather than custom ones. As a result the bump mapping is far from perfect. Due to a hardware failure the PC I'm working on is using an older graphics card which means I can't test the normal maps in-game, so I've left them out for now. If anyone wants to volunteer to help me out by sending screenshots from a high end system, let me know.

Upcoming Changes

- Normal maps!
- A second pass on the texture, particularly the chainmail, developing the original designs and scaling back on the amount of stuff I've 'borrowed' from existing textures.

Later on:
- A corresponding suit of light armor for archer characters.
- Placing the set(s) at a lore/gameplay-appropriate point in the campaign, for people who prefer to earn their items.

Even later:
- Developing a short questline with the final version of the set as a reward.


Thanks to Krayzie_3334, Divine_Divinity and Adinos for their tutorials.

Tools Used

Dragon Age Toolset
Adobe Photoshop CS3 w/ Nvidia DDS Plugin
DATool (http://social.bioware.com/project/41/)